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    Back from the Grave!!

    BTW, I think a lot of the North Al folks have migrated to the other site (those that are still around, anyway). I see Tomoko at every Nashville swap. H@rry hasn't been around as much lately at swaps, but I think he's still in it? Will got out of the hobby a year or so ago, and Julie is...
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    Back from the Grave!!

    Hey Art:). I'm still around, but have been kicked around a bit by this and that;). Haven't been on the forums much over the last few years. I keep adding on to the home system, though;). I had an awesome SPS tank up until about a year ago. Life and stupid choices... Decided to go with Nori...
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    Welcome to the Alabama Reefers forum. I'm not sure what we've got in the northern part of the state any more (or the southern, for that matter), but in the Montgomery area, there is Aquarium Fantasies (I think he still has a store at Homewood?), Atlantis Aquarium, Wet Pets (smaller and multi...
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    Reefer Madness

    Very cool, Alan. That was a very intimidating posse...
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    drilling a 40 gallon sump

    Nothing to it. Verify that its not tempered, but being a 40b, its not likely tempered. Glass hole saws are pretty cheap on eBay. That, a drill, a spray bottle (water), some masking tape to help get the hole saw started, and some patience are all you need. Don't put much weight on it at all...
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    Looking for some old member like Gflat and Sculdermut

    Still around, just tied up in tanks;). Haven't heard from you in a while. How's everything been going?
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    110g complete setup for sale

    If you decide to part out, potentially interested in the Tunzes.
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    Presale..... Frag swap

    Nice. Headed out around 3.
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    fishdoc11 getting out, equip for sale

    Another big pillar out? The community will miss you. You and Dave will always be my pinnacle SPS guys. Good luck with the sale.
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    If you're out there....

    Wow. Sorry to hear that, Julie.
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    Presale..... Frag swap

    That last pic is the rainbow/pokerstar under royal blue LEDs. Is there a complete list of raffles? I've seen a couple of different posts with items, but wasn't sure if I'd missed a list of them all. Raffles are the heart of a swap, for sure.
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    Presale..... Frag swap

    Under royal blue LEDs (whites not in yet). Can't really see base color (disappears under blue led).
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    Presale..... Frag swap

    Gotcha. The jingle bells and snipersps are relatively new cuts, so they are smaller than I normally like to sell (just forewarning-I usually let them encrust first). The toxic green (neon green) and the PCP Blue and green (japonica- light blue-green base with green polyps) are mostly or fully...
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    Presale..... Frag swap

    I usually spend about a grand (coral sales making most of that) at swaps. There's just too much crack... Can't pass it up. My downward spiral on swaps has been something procedural on my end. For about the last two years, I start getting cloudy water 1-5 hrs after setup. Running carbon...
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    Presale..... Frag swap

    Wow. The responses I've gotten already cover my trip. That's not usually the case for me. I was just worried about covering... After an impromptu trip to Maryland to visit a sick grandmother and other more recent events, My stress levels are higher than I normally let them get. I'll make a...