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  • Hi. Wondering if you're still using those DIY LEDs and how the tank is doing.
    Hello! I noticed on a thread that you have a 46g bowfront. I have one back home and will be starting a re-build in a month. I was looking to see if you had a build thread but I didn't see it on your profile page. Do you have one/have a link for it? I'd be curious to see what your tank is like.
    hi, just looking at your tank, you have 14 and 28 on your strings (multiples of 7?), are you running 7 LED's per chip? Just curious, cuz I have the same tank and driver ships, but just have 6 Cree xte's per chip right now..
    Hey Ken wanted me to run this by you, since you are the led guy. I found a fixture for a real good price it is a sunshine glow panal 45 lamp 32 watt. It is 45 dollars. I am just wondering if that was enough light for my 47 gallon ow front. If you want to you can shoot me a text at 642-3095. Thanks buddy.
    Hello do you know when there will be another meeting in OKC area? Ive posted a few things but not much help still. There is a language barrier lol... I feel like I want to give up on the tank. Maybe if I come to the meeting or the person in choctaw would not mind helping with some advise that might help Im so tired of getting wrong info from the stores, I just want to give up... but surly this tank can get together and work. The only reason I did not buy a used system and bought from a store was thinking they could give some advise and get the system up and going properly but... thats out :(
    Hey this is chris from midwest city I just bought some zoas from you a couple weeks ago on craigslist. Please add me as a friend.

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