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  • Hi Tom,
    Just wondering if your aquarium is still up and running? It's been a long time since your last post in November 2010. I'd just like to say that I hope you're well and I thoroughly enjoyed reading every page of your tank journal!. Absolutely Brilliant!!!!

    I would like to use your picture of your dosing system is a presentation. Is that possible?

    Hi Tom,

    Please disregard my last message. Found your tank build thread.

    Your work ethic is excellent.

    Tom, I joined RC in April 2010, and paid $24.00 when I joined. I'm listed as a "Registered Member" on this site. Shouldn't I be a "Premium Member"?
    Hi Tom,

    I new to Reefkeeping. Have been studying, reading and planning my first aquarium since December 2009. I'm planning a 180g reef. Will be ordering tank & stand within next 2 weeks.

    I read your article/photos of how you used metal tubing to house your lights. Thank you so very much for all the time, heart and energy you put into that. The quality and design of your project is fantastic. I hope to do almost the same as you did. I'm very handy with tools. My Father was a carpenter.

    Tom, at the end of your article, you wrote, "For a lot more info about putting the aluminum together, take a look at my build thread (red house). I think it starts at about page 4."

    I can't seem to find your build thread about working with aluminum. If it is still on Reef Central, would you please point me to it?

    If it isn't on Reef Central anymore, would you please send it to me at:

    Take care,

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