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  • I guess that depends on your scrubber configuration, do you have a build thread or have you posted in the Algae Scrubber Basics thread?
    That's good news!!! The zoas are easy to keep and grow. I hope the anemome will will do good for you and the clowns. I think Leighanne gets about 60 to 70 dollars for her anemones, but they look much better than what you got.... If he makes it, we can do something around 35 or so, or swap for something.... Matt and I have been talking about going to Odd Balls, so maybe we can plan a trip and all go. I think Matt is off Wed and Sun. I am pretty flexiable, and have a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket. Thanks again for the birdsnest and mushrooms. I really want a colony of birdsnest and was not expecting such a large amount. I glued them all to frags and have them on my rack. These should be good to trade with people so let me know if you want some back. If we end up ordering from Marine Depot, they have several frag plugs to choose from. I have several of the small ones if you need some. I will get back with you before we order. Nice meeting you and Mark.
    Frags in the tank. The red buttons already opened for a short bit before the lits when out. Anemone looking good so far. He has already opened up to twice the size he was and is checking out the rock I placed him on. I forgot to ask how much you want for him. Let me know so I can set the money aside with the reactor fund. Thank you again for everthing. Will see what kind of frag I get in tulsa and have to def share back at ya when possible. :) I'll post some pics in a few days when everyones settled in.
    I will be at the meeting Sat, but unfortunately, I don't have any algae. I'm actually going out today to look for some more. I've set up a new seahorse tank and want to stock it full. I don't remember you owing me any frags.....sorry....maybe by next meeting.
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