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    240 Gallon Tubs for Sale

    I have two macro bin 240 gallon tubs 48x48x24" tubs for sale. Both have a couple of holes drilled in them but have been blocked off. You would need new bulkhead if you wanted to use the holes. There is also a stand for one. I was going to use them but they don't fit in my fish room. Asking...
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    New 36" ATI Blue Plus T5 Bulbs

    Two new bulbs available for sale. Accidentally Ordered the wrong size. $30 for both. Pickup in the Dekalb area or can possibly meet in the Western burbs.
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    Tank breakdown... selling everything

    Can you send me a picture of the sump, clowns and anemone. You can email or text them to me. Whatever is easier is fine with me.
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    Final Coral Clean Out

    I have all my remaining coral available. 30 to 40 Kenya tree frags, a 8x8 inch gsp pieces a large branching leather maybe 18 inches across and 12 inches tall. A huge rock of clove polyps and 10 plus toadstool leather corals. Plus any other random things I find. I would like it all gone soon...
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    New radion pro xr30w

    Brand new ecotech radion pro. In the box with hanging kit. Full warranty. Pickup near dekalb area. $700
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    Reeflo dart question

    Yes it is. You do not want to restrict the intake on the pump.
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    CMAS Frag Swap

    Do you have a list of vendors that will be there?
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    Large mixing containers

    I bought 2 65 gallons ones from Farm and fleet in Montgomery. Norwesco is a one of the manufacturers of them. There is a RW zeller in Hampshire that sell them as well but they are a different brand.
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    Visiting area 2/19-2/21

    Beyond the Reef in Schaumburg if you want to travel a little further North.
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    Visiting Rockford

    There is still a small active Rockford Reefers club. Maybe about 6-8 of us that get together maybe 6 times a year at each others houses
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    Geo Calcium Reactor for Sale

    I have a used Geo 6-18 calcium reactor for sale. My reef crashed and I have no need for it any more. I filled it with water to test it out but that is all I have done with it since I had it. The base of it is broken off so the pump is lose. I have the piece you can glue together. The...
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    Heater question

    I use my apex or use a Ranco with Jager heaters. I don't trust anything else.