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    GSP losing color. Please help

    yeah....that actually does the trick...color is near complete recovery after a couple of weeks
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    GSP losing color. Please help

    I forgot...there two tubes nearly above the faded portion of the GSP that doses calcium and Alk. This may be the culprit. Move the two tubes out of the way today so we'll see
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    GSP losing color. Please help

    I've had this GSP in my tank for about two months (previous owner had it for 2 years). About a month ago, a small portion on the lower left starts to fade in color and became cream/slight pink when opened up. It has since extend to a larger patch as shown in the photo on the left. Is this an...
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    Help! Purigen Recharge gone Wrong. Acan dying

    that's a great idea...however, i'm too nervous to be trying that now....wish I had thought of that I guess just leave the acan in there and hopefully it'll heal? The slime won't be toxic to other corals will it?
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    Help! Purigen Recharge gone Wrong. Acan dying

    so per instruction, soak in 50/50 water/bleach for 24hrs, next rinse really well, soak for at least another 8 hours in a declorinating solution (1 cup of water per 2 tablespoon of prime)...I followed this and a little bit more. However, I think the purigen was leeching residual bleach into my...
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    Help! Purigen Recharge gone Wrong. Acan dying

    So I followed seachem's revised instruction on recharging purigen to the T and after a few hours of putting a 100mL bag of recharged purigen back into the sump, my Green Hydnophora bleech completely white (which I didn't care much for) but my small colony of red acan started to recede. She was...
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    10% off sitewide ends at MIDNIGHT!

    is this sale over? code doesn't work, 10:49 am PT seattle time
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    mp40wes night mode

    since you have a lot of posts, I'll be nice to say that you are incorrect. Night mode will go into constant speed and not true reef crest mode
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    Clean Buckets vs Dirty Buckets

    a new bucket for this, a QT for that, wonder this hobby is expensive. Just rinse it. This reminds me of a thread in which a person recommended WC bucket be rinse with Ro/DI
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    Roger's reef food vs homemade recipes?

    well, it seems aside from economical reason, the other valid point of making own food is to control the amount of filler products. Given that Rogers doesn't have fillers nor preservatives in his food (and he seems to be respected), it just doesn't make sense to get down and dirty. Anyone with...
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    Roger's reef food vs homemade recipes?

    I'm relatively new to the hobby and have been using NLS pellets thera A+ twice a day with nothing else. Fishes seemed happy with them but coral growths seemed stagnant. I did a bit of research on fish nutrition today and it appears frozen foods are better and more nutritious. I plan on...
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    58g Potential Stock List

    Another useless post. I say go for any tangs you want and enjoy them...once they get bigger, trade them in....
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    Hanna Phosphate vs Phosphours- which is more accurate?

    bought and stayed with the phosphate checker. At the end of the day, the difference is negligible. Testing is one thing, I think one also need to observe their tanks
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    hippo tang suddenly dies?

    yeah... I agree...some people are overly protective of their fish and are quick to criticize other. I admit, I cycle with an angel and a pair of clowns. If I lost a fish, it means I lost $$ but he/she is easily replaceable..>:) If I ask why my fish die, I just want to know the reason so I can...
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    Please help with new Red Sea Reef foundation test kit

    yeah, if you read the instruction, the ca and Alk test are similar in that you compare the end color. However, on the Mag, the wording in the instruction is slightly different. It basically said to note that level of reagent used "THE FIRST" time color change, not when color turns completely...