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    LF: Chiller Recommendations

    I would first try some fans to see if that does anything. There's quite a few fans you can clip on rimless set-ups that look decent and are much less expensive to buy and run. But if you decide to go the chiller route, I have always had good experiences with JBJ chillers.
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    Getting back in!

    Welcome back! I too just came back after several years off. Can't stay away!
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    GOFOR'S 52" X 36" X 26" CDA Peninsula & SoCal Tank Room Build

    Hey Cody... I had a minor mishap when I first started running it (the tubing needed to be replaced as it was not sealed properly), but Ecotech was right on it and sent me a replacement only days after I notified them of the problem. After that though, it has worked like a champ and is VERY...
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    FS- Vivid Confetti and RC Poison Envy

    Nice pieces Cody!
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    WTB: Goni Frags

    Vu's the man... already hit him up. Thanks!
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    WTB: Goni Frags

    Hey Guys, Does anyone have any Goni Frags (not Micro/short tentacled ones) available? I already have a green w/orange mouth and a red/pink/orange variety, so looking to add some different color variations. Please PM me pics and price. I am located in South OC (near Mission Viejo), so would...
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    GOFOR'S 52" X 36" X 26" CDA Peninsula & SoCal Tank Room Build

    GETTING READY FOR CORALS PART III- NUTRIENTS & SUPPLEMENTATION IN THE DT Hey Guys, it has definitely been a while, so I'll catch you up on the progress of the tank. The tank went through a decent ugly phase (despite my best efforts to avoid this). To help move things along though, I used...
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    A little bit of a tank update.

    Yeah, for sure! I'd love to see the tank in person too if that's possible.
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    A little bit of a tank update.

    Looking awesome! What's that orange/green SPS above your "chalice garden"?
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    Need some tank help

    If the leather is stressed, it could be putting chemicals into the water that will affect other corals. I would do a decent water change, then run carbon to see if that helps. Good luck!
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    LF OG Acros

    Just reading the names of those corals bring me back... when Netflix only delivered movies in the mail and Instagram didn't even exist.
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    Bean's 300 Gallon AGE Build

    Sticks seem to be growing in nicely!
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    Rant: At what point did only running BLUE LED's become a thing...

    Preach!!! I get having the blues on for a dawn/dusk effect, but, for me, it's too artificial and certainly not what it looks like when you go diving. My lighting schedule will always be a majority whiter spectrum, but that's just my preference.