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  • That sucks man. If you need help, Im getting them further along. I built a larval tank and hoping that will work for water stability. If you've found any info pass along. If you want to get those gobie larvae going to settlement I can help. working with blennies and whatever pops up really. ive got a shitload of tanks and broodstock. really just a matter of time. I have small rotifers for raising the gobies
    Hey how’s it going. I’m writing u b cause of a post a couple years back when u posted a reply on breeding Randall’s pistols. I have been successful with peppermints, and now have two mated pistols...no eggs yet still really new. Before I go on a wild goose chase I always like to pick someone who’s done it before. By the way, we both have a lot of “subspcialty” reef hobby interests...almost exactly. The only thing I would add is breeding ornamentals. I raise and sell my t. Californicus pods. Please send. Me a message. I have a FaceBook page where I post a lot of video and pics of the stuff I’m doing. A lot of stuff you’ll find extremely interesting. It’s @PaulsPods. Let me know abou the randals. Please. As I was reading I was think of a solution to the problem u were having.
    my gobies have moved their activities to the front of the display vase and the male is disturbingly skinny and 'slavish' to the shrimp. the shrimp uses its antannae to dire t the male.... he wont even leave the tunnels... 'she' collects pellets and feeds them both at the entrance...i'll try and post vidz ....i'm definitely down to the one pistol shrimp now.... the only shrimp larvae i'm collecting is lysmata wurdmannis...
    spotted 'him' last night...been a while...gonna post my spottings of him so i can keep track. he looks very different from 'her' and is basically a slave to the shrimp.
    gobie larvae... 55 mins after lights on.
    eaten by the corals an hour later
    Just got back in actually. Hurricane Hermine wiped most of my stuff out and Irma finished it.

    How did your gobies ever do?
    large clouds of larvae yesterday. finally the female showed after a week underground.
    came home to see mucus strands from corals, loaded with goby larvae...
    back to batches on sunday mornings. last count was approximately 600 individuals.
    a clutch barely last 10 minutes in the display anymore..... the corals and the parents eat the larvae so fast it's astounding.
    clutch today early with the sunrise. it was strong this morning. fully out by 10am. usually not til llights on at 2pm. didn't bother catching any. the gorgs need a good feeding after fighting with hydnophora.
    finding favites polyps in my vase... must have had a spawn..i havent seen any buds drop off
    haven't seen male in months, but caught a clutch of gobie larvae this morning... i hope he's doing well...she must be feeding him... there's lots of amphipods in the vase , so i think he's eating them.
    threw the few dozen larvae into the brine shrimp growout... phyto, ciliates and some nematodes... don't expect much more than four days...
    science *****es...
    if you're coming here to preach your religious horse sh1t, beware.
    rabid atheist that will not tolerate religious dumb fggery.
    latest gobie babies are four days old and holding around 100! the pico kriesel works. tomorrow will be another story.
    didnt work...expecting tue batch...gonna work with new euplotes sp. and fw copepods
    working with a kreisel, a pico one. clean water drip in/out, no copepods, phytos and euplotes only.
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