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    My jebao wp-25 stopped working?

    I would start by cleaning them. There are videos on youtube on how to clean them. The screens come off with a twist then you can pull the impeller out to scrub it well. Mine have been running (with an APEX Jebao adapter) for 3.5 months. I first cleaned them in late February, and I'm...
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    Signs of progress!

    Another sign of progress ... I spotted a few pods crawling on the glass this morning. (I might have noticed them sooner if I wore my glasses more often ...)
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    Tank transfer method buckets

    You will also need to keep the buckets separated from each other by at least 9 - 10 feet. Water aerosolizing from the air stone could containment the bucket next to it. You could probably set all 4 buckets up, keeping the unused buckets in a different room, closet or different floor, until...
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    How do you mix your water

    Triton 5 pump, 32 gallon Brute can, 200W heater The Triton 5 actually has enough oomph to get the mixed water out of the barrel in my basement, up the stairs and into my tank when I do water changes. Much easier way to get 25 gallons of water out of the basement and into the tank! As was...
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    New Tank Aquascape Feedback

    I have a 120G (48x24x24) that I used dry rock for the rock work. My only suggestion would be to try to prop some of the top pieces up more to create more swim through spaces for the fish. The other advantage is that give you more depth to place corals - something that likes a LOT of light...
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    Cardinalfish in QT suddenly not eating?

    Roger that. They've been there for almost 3 weeks at this point, as long as they're now eating another 10 days shouldn't be a problem.
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    Signs of progress!

    THANKS! Lots of swim throughs and caves in the rock work. The Chromis and a couple of pep shrimp call the middle of the center base "home". I love Zoas - but hate paying a lot of money for big rocks of them. Really hoping those Zoas spread out and cover the rock. I did something similar...
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    Signs of progress!

    You asked ... Side 1 Side 2 Pineapple & Favite Cyphastrea (starting to encrust frag mount) Zoa Rock (tiny little baby polyp of Red People Eaters on right side) Shroom & Ric Rock Torch Gold Monti (flesh underneath is gold color, polyps are green)
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    Signs of progress!

    After all the planning, and worrying, it's nice to see a plan come together!! :dance:
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    Signs of progress!

    The BuildMyLED lights are awesome! They cover the tank completely - side to side, front to back. No helicopter effect. As of right now, they're only turned up to 65%. I might raise them another 5 - 10% over the next 6 months, but not planning on every hitting 100% with them.
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    Increasing temp????

    It's not just Aqueon ... my Fluvals that I use in my QT and TTM tanks are all set to 74 degrees and keep those tanks in the 77-78 degree range. For my DT, I use 2 Finnex 300W titanium tubes connected to an APEX for temp control. Temp controllers for a DT are a good idea - basically turns the...
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    Signs of progress!

    New tank finished cycling 2/8/15. Shortly after that I moved contents of 28G nanoCube into the bigger tank. This morning, I've noticed the following progress ... Coraline algae now visible on cir pumps Bloody Mary & Gold montipora are both showing signs of growth - the Gold has completely...
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    Houston we have a "problem"

    I went from a 28G nanoCube (purchased Dec 2013) to a 120G (48x24x24) tank (purchased Dec 2014). Main reasons I upgraded ... 1) Corals were overgrowing nanoCube, they now have a lot more room for growth, and look a lot better spread out, instead of crowded together. 2) I wanted fish that needed...
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    Cardinalfish in QT suddenly not eating?

    After a week of stressing about about these Cardinalfish not eating, they finally started eating last night. They have been through TTM (12 days) and have now been in QT (18 days) including 2 rounds of Prazi (it's been 30 days since purchase/delivery). How long do you usually leave fish in QT...
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    Tisbe pods and mandrian

    Just my $0.02 ... a Mandarin is not sustainable in your size tank. They need large mature tanks with sizable sustainable pod populations. The popular opinion in these forums is that a cheato filled fuge of at least 20 gallons plus a sizable display tank filled with live rock are required for...