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  • Hello and good morning, can you please send PayPal info so I can send payment for wetsides and driver
    understand fully. Who is your friend by chance? I know of someone who is getting into wholesale as well from across the pond. Your design looks very interesting and I am very curious about how everything is going to turn out. Once you get everything going, I'd love to come take a look at the operation. Seeing more advanced systems pushes me to see our real potential in trying to replicate the ocean for our pets in a glass box.
    I there,

    I also go to Triad Critters. After about 25 year of reefing, I am about to re-start a new upsized 180 gal tank. I'm finishing the cabinet now so I don't have water in the tank yet. I think that I will be buying fish through a friend that is starting a wholesale company so they won't be quarantined. He will be bringing then around the world the other way, through Dubai and then Dulles instead of L.A.

    I'm not much of a letter writer so you can call me most any time.

    (336) 744-3276 Work
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    (336) 986-2306 Cell
    herring_fish@yahoo.com e-mail
    http://asaherring.com Web site
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