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  • Hi Dr Roy, I stopped by at a local store to calgary Alberta, Pisces pet emporium. An employee there by the name of Andrew told me he has talked to you a few times. He told me he jumps at the chance to squire any mantis from their wholesaler. He keeps two of them in his own home, including a peacock. He runs t5's with his and told me I could run some soft corals up higher in the tank, as well as clowns, seeing as mantis' lack the imunity to the anemones sting. His is going on 11 inches and content with the numerous fish he shares his 29 biocube with. I am also intrested in a similar setup, what is your prefrence to peacocks choosing frozen over swimming and t5's causing shell rot.
    I don't know Australian suppliers that well. I know that Cairns Marine occasionally handles stomatopods. Also, there is a collector in the Brisbane area who collects on Straddie. Sorry, but I don't know his name.

    Dear Dr. Roy. I would like to ask you if you know any suppliers of mantis shrimp in Australia (sydney, NSW)? The species i am most interested in is The G. Smithii. Can you please help me! i have my tank setup, ready to go.
    by the way , thank you for your list of stomatopods for the aquarium . ive caught the bug pretty hard . its an awesome resource you've made available .
    Ive recently fallen for a scyllarus . maybe 2 inches long . ive set up my biocube 8 for a mantis cause i want one whichever species i get . Ive installed a pretty cool burrow setup with black pvc under the substrate . Im thinking i may get the scyllarus , tho i realize im gonna need to upgrade to a bigger tank after a few molts , if i do get this one. . Biocube 8's have relatively thin glass , so im wondering what your experience is with stomatopods actually hitting the glass ,... low probability ?
    Hey roy I finally got a new mantis. one from gozermantis..a nice orange male peacock mantis..I have a few questions i was hoping you would be able to answer for me.

    1. I have a light fixture consisting of a total of 36 watts 1 actinic and one 10k daylight is that to bright for him..if so i can get another actinic to replace the 10k daylight.
    2.How often should i feed.
    3.Is it ok to rearrange his home once and a while.
    4. I know this is a stupid question but can they be entertained and do they enjoy it.
    i have a male platysoma if you were looking for one. about 3 inches with its right raptorial appendage smaller then left. it's for sale dont see them around much and dont know if you need any for research. Check out my new mantis cube rack thread for pics. Since the pics I have taken out two dividers so he has a three wide area for holding.
    -Adam Shuss
    Dr. Caldwell,

    It's been a long time since we've spoken. I now work at a wholesaler in Los Angeles, so if you are ever in need of animals I may be able to help. You may remember several years ago I sent you some Hemisquilla ensigera from a chinese supermarket and later visited you up in Berkley. I was never able to continue my education in Marine Biology, but have managed to start a career in the marine aquarium industry.

    Your Friend,
    Tim Kelley
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