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    Zoanthid & Palythoa Photographs/Tanks/Videos
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    Zoanthid & Palythoa Photographs/Tanks/Videos
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    Fall Frag Swap! Sunday, October 14th

    eyecandy coral will be attending the swap
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    frag swap

    is there going to be another swap this january the one last year was great and looking forward to the next one
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    you can use a dremel on a 40 breeder easily
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    gopack swap corals

    That is a pink blue tip millipora I bring c bunch with me
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    gopack swap corals

    I plan to bring acans, zoas, rics and some other goodies here are some samples sps
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    zoo suppliers

    Can someone pm me a list of where to buy some cool zoos. I would like to get some for my husband.
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    WTB Equipment to set up large reef tank

    mike you should stop out to mine and paul laws see what were doing we both have large setups
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    Pics from Frag Swap

    That is Paul Law he is from wis
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    Crazy Colors LPS thread.

    Some of mine
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    Volcano club

    good when he figures it out let me know
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    my latest project: saltwater pond

    you should make the eggcrate into smaller sections that way if stuff falls under it it isn;t a major pita to rescue it also easier to cleen if you get algea growth oter wise looking good