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  • I'm never at Reef 2 reef, much to the delight of a new member in my reef club, whose a mod there haha.
    If you're interested in good products that are strong yet 'bare bones' (what you need, no filler) than I would suggest looking into ME Corals products. They have some really great stuff, including videos by the CEO talking in depth as to why they do things how they do them. Videos are at Reef 2 Reef.

    Their ME Aminos are particularly good, and the the Reef Raft USA/Canada warehouse near me uses nothing but ME corals and has gowing reviews.
    Of course buddy! Everyone in my local club who started using RPM claimed positive results. The unfortunate thing about reefing is every link in the chain is expensive and crucial.. -_-

    The second bucket of AF Reef Salt tested to spec by the way! I wanted to post the update including pics of the test results and all that jazz, but it's been a pretty heavy semester and I barely have time to scrape the algae from my glass -- let alone update threads :(

    I'll have to eventually -- But a thumbs up saying "this one was fine" doesn't seem like a fair critique haha
    Oh yeah definitely still running Saturated Kalk, big believer in the stuff. I'm running fully saturated Kalk with 45ml/g Vinegar -- That allows the water to absorb more Kalk. I'm running that in a 1:4 ratio in my ATO.

    As the corals keep encrusting and starting new branches I up the ratio. Right now I'm running at 1.5 : 3.5 of saturated kalk water/RODI. Brand new BRS dosers collecting dust in my closet! It'll be awhile until these frags are colonies.
    Glad you like the Fritz! I love the stuff, not quite as cheap as IO, but it's been super reliable for me.

    Reef is great, everything growing and coloring out more and more by the day. Next step is going to be stocking up fish next weekend. My fish list unexpectedly has about 7 gobies, not counting the other fish I'm looking at -- So my rockwork will soon become a goby fortress.

    How about you?
    I still remember the days when the Tennessee Florida game winner pretty much determined the SEC champ. But yea, the East has been down several years now. I wish Saban would go ahead and retire....or someone outside the SEC would pony up and hire him away. Even better if he would go to a pro team.
    Ha I'm 50 as well-will be 51 next month. I'm originally from Florida-Orlando area. It's tough being a Gator fan here....everyones all about Bama or Auburn. Thanks for the invite!
    Yeah the dKH is 9 on Fritz, but honestly pouring some 9dKH water into 8dKH water hardly makes a difference. If you do a 25% water change you could only expect it to increase from 8 to 8.25 or so, and It'll get used up quickly. but, if everything is nice and stable, then you don't really need to worry too much about it !

    Hope you and your family have a happy holidays as well!
    Very cool! Glad you found a replacement that suits you. I'm using saturated kalk water in my ATO for now. Thankfully this young system hasn't even come close to outgrowing Kalk. I almost picked up the 1, 2, 3+ for my Biocube though.
    Haven't mixed it up yet! It just arrived yesterday (maybe the day before?) but i've been pretty busy with the holiday household rush, and spending what free time I do have messing around with my camera to get nice quality reef shots. I will definitely be testing, and sifting through the second AF salt container. I'll just make a second thread and link to the first one

    I'm still using, and LOVING, Fritz. Everyone in my club whose switched has been told their tanks have never looked better.

    BRS had Red Sea ABC+ powder 5k for $32.00 about 6 weeks ago. I was so ****ed at AF I bought this stuff when I was running out of Comp 1-3.

    I'll tell you after a month this has been the easiest dosing product I've ever used. I bumped up my alk separately on two occasions but not lately.

    It's holding My Big 3 to this
    Alk=8.5 dkh

    It also has Red Sea's "color components" A & B in it. The red's in my corals and anemones have never looked this good.

    If these result hold up I not changing from the ABC+
    The Big 3 parameters are dead on if it mixes to those #'s.

    Are you buying it online?
    Yeah definitely liking it, and it's pretty reliable so far -- I've almost mixed up about 2/3 of my 200g box.

    It's so on point in fact, that anytime I need something I'll see if I can get it from Fritz first. They have a lot of products and if their salt is any indication they're solid quality
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