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    Have you seen a six line wrasse this fat?

    Kiss it goodbye
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    Everything died!!

    Case closed....
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    Best way to find nitrate and phosphate balance

    Kind of considering dosing nitrate myself but I would hesitate using stump killer.
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    do nassarius snails eat acros?

    Yeah mine too
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    RODI pump

    Just out of curiosity how many use a booster pump and how do u like it?
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    So much for nine lives.....flush!

    Thanks guys.
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    Is Florescent/ White light really important in a reef tank?

    Who really cares. Enjoy your reef!
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    So much for nine lives.....flush!

    Well maybe I'll go back to another yellow wrasse. Never had any problems but as he grew bigger he was more of a jumper. He always chased down the last bit of food ( was a pig) , ate flatworms and who know what other pests and stirred up my sand bed. Yeah maybe I'll just buy another.
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    Infection from Live Rock - Personal Experience

    I'm sure i saw those photos on google somewhere.. hmmm.
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    So much for nine lives.....flush!

    I was looking at a neon dotty for something different but it's so tempting to go back to a yellow wrasse.
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    So much for nine lives.....flush!

    Well my yellow coris ran out of lives after about 5 years. I found him sun tanning on top of the net. Why is it when even a slight opening with a vinyl glove sitting over it do they seem to find it???? Oh well ...... Anyone got experience with dottybacks?
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    High nitrate

    Get another test kit or tested for nitrates and phosphates. API won't cut it.
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    High nitrate

    Are u running biopellets???? I had high nitrates for years and biopellets was the only thing that lowered them but it took months to see results.
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    Adding recent corals I'd hate to go the carbon dosing way and i do have turbo snails along with others.