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    Extra Large 18" L X 10 W X 10 tall Plating Red Monti $175.00 pick up only

    Extra large piece of plating red Monti that was started as a frag 18"x10"x10". $175.00 Currently placed in the front center of a 180 tank and its just too big. Must pick up in person Aurora ohio 44202 and bring large container. Does not come with torch on top. Other corals available.... text...
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    Sump wanted

    I'm looking for a large sump for my 150 ASAP...please send pics and prices 216-832-0435
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    F/S all corals for sale

    Coral Coral Hes a good seller with nice colonies....
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    Acid Rain Bubble tip anemone wanted

    Anyone want to trade an acid rain for a rose bubble??? I have multiple nems and would just like a different color
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    Frag tank wanted ASAP

    Found 1....Thanks to everyone who reached out...please close
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    Frag tank wanted ASAP

    Looking for a drilled frag tank asap.....something around the size of 30L x 18w x 10........could be bigger or smaller....please send pics and prices of what you have 216-832-0435
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    Clean Chaeto Needed

    I have a 360gal system and starting a large fudge. I am looking for a big clump of clean chaeto to get started....If you have something let me know.....located in Macedonia area....text is best 216-832-0435 as I dont log on often...Thanks in advance
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    Help me get this frag rack out of display

    Thanks Taters for all the goodies!
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    Need help with an older apex classic

    Is anybody a wiz with the apex classic??? I purchased an older model with a tank i purchased a while ago. The apex is currently up and running fine. I just downloaded fusion and watched a bunch of utube videos but this program is not easy to use....I am trying to add a Neptune ATO that I am...
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    Making room in frag tank

    Multiple large frags of each available Rose bubble nems $25 Rock nems $15 Toadstool 2-3" $15 Green tree leather/sinularia 3-5" $15 Various mushrooms $10 each Gsp $10 Large various paly colonies $5-$75 Purple sponge All hardy coral and fragged 8 months ago Text for pics is best...
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    Skimmer wanted

    I have a 180 gallon total water system including the sump and I'm in need of a skimmer......anyone have anything they want to get rid of??? Text model number pics and prices 216-832-0435 thanks
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    Selling 120 set up

    I see mostly everything is sold....u wouldn't happen to have the skimmer would you???
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    Rock nems for sale or trade??

    I am not exactly sure what the real name is but I am trying to make room in my frag tank.....I have a few small rocks that have 3 or 4 on each piece. .....I have a few singles as well....all decent size about 2-3 inches......would rather trade...let me know what you have....text for pics...
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    Looking for backup large DC submersible pump

    I am currently running a Jecod/Jebao DCT12000 submersible pump....I am looking for a backup just in case....if you have one laying around let me know
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    Majano outbreak

    Kalkwasser Kalkwasser Kalkwasser in a syringe. .....does the trick....stay on top if you can