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  • Hey BJ. Thanks so much for the sarco. I will let you know how it does under LEDs.
    Hey there, Actually I have no idea. I have no access or control of Paypal whatsoever. Cathy sent me the HTML code to post the Paypal buttons on the website, but that is all I know about it. You may have to get access to paypal, and change a setting within it while logged in, to send you confirmations.
    Hey Bj,
    Like I said over the phone,, this couple joined the club ... but doesn't know what to do after that since they said that they never for a respond ..
    the name is .. Brian and Elizabeth Watkins
    Tel 901-598-4551
    just give them a call .. I think it was the wife that did the enrollment ...
    talk to yu then k later's
    Hey BJ,
    How are you? I hope you are feeling much better,,, I send Bill a Pm to give me a call for the money order and the payment, it would be kool if I got this soon, I didn't even know that he was waiting to hear from me lol I never got any messg from him .. Anyway I wanted to let you know that I went on ahead and put in time off for the 23Rd of Jan as our New Years party.. I really think that the 23rd is perfect since it will give time for everyone's schedule to take the time off for this The sooner I give the Management the money order and deposit, we can make the announcement for the party here on reef central, If you want I can make the announcement? In case you didn't have the time to do it I can post the pics there and put out a map lol .. Pls let me know what you think of all this, But my request off has been placed and I can't change it once they approve it Call me when you get the chance ..
    Thanks Darlene
    I can get a check to her any day, If she will just let me know. I can get with you and get you this other stuff most anytime it is convenient for you.
    Sounds fine with me I can drop them a check whenever yall want.

    I will be at the office part of the day tomorrow(on my day off) but give me a call most anytime except 2 to 5 and we can try and make arrangements to hook up.
    Sorry did not get back with you, What do you think about that for the price?? I will leave that in your hands, if we can swing it in for the 500.00 total budget. Let me know.
    things changed when Indra got diagnosed with cancer..we have completely cancelled the christmas party and decided on a new years bash instead...sort of celebration of the reconstruction of the club...We paid off the debt to St. Jude and the new officers will take office Jan. 1st...Bill is president and Marty is vice and I will be secretary and treasurer ....Bill is doing wonderful things to try and redirect us and get the club to grow new life.
    The January party will still be a pot luck but we will be renting a venue for it ...details to follow...
    You have a happy thanksgiving too .
    pot luck sounds good for the December. We could play dirty Santa where every body brings a gift at a set $ amount and people try and steal it. I can get you the rules we have played be. Some people have different rules.
    Glad all is well with you. Have a Good Thanksgiving.
    as far as I know we will have a pot luck for christmas..a fewmembers were going to check on getting thier apartment complex's meeting roomsfor us to use. There really is not enough money in the treasury to do what we have been doing so we voted and decided to throw out the idea of a pot luck with a couple of nice door prizes instead of the club trying to make sure every one that shows up goes home with something...Maybe when the money is built up some , it can be done again. We will surely finalize plans at this months meeting and then post them.
    All is well with me...just keep trying to move forward...
    just saying hi we have been busy lately and I have not been on since rc changed. All is well here. I am sure I'll see you in December are we having a club party?
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