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    nbd13's Return...150g Custom Bare-bottom SPS/Angel/Modified Triton Method Reef

    Hey man, great looking setup! How is the algae battle going? I have seen this problem a few times, I think you should take your macro algae out, it should help let your other algaes grow to help compete for the minimal nutrients the dinos have a hold on. How are all the corals doing? Any...
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    Leds vs mh vs t5 ?!

    All 3 work it is personal preference. I will say long term T5s and Metal Halides are more expensive. I prefer LEDs simply because they are cheaper to run, more customization, and you don't have to replace the bulbs.
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    Skimmer For BioCube 32 led (chamber1)

    I am not denying how effective a protein skimmer is however I want to see a study that says a protein is as highly effective as you all claim it is on a small tank that has less then 30 gallons of actual water.
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    Skimmer For BioCube 32 led (chamber1)

    Why do you want a skimmer on such a small tank? Have you stopped and asked if its really worth it to have one. The micro bubbles that get dumped into the tank from a skimmer and the very little skimmate they produce dont make it worth it to me.
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    Can someone explain the benefits of bio pellets...?

    Would it just lead to excessive phosphate and nitrate? I figured it would be a hard no - I'd just like to know the science behind it.
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    Can someone explain the benefits of bio pellets...?

    I'd like to piggy back off this thread post. Does anyone have a bio pellet reactor in a small nano aquarium that does not run a protein skimmer? Would running carbon / GFO help remove the excess bacteria?
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    Glass needs cleaning hours after I clean

    What lights are on your tank? If it's not LEDs when did you last change your bulbs
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    60G Cube Build

    Do you think that your return pump will be enough flow for your SPS long term?
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    In dire need of help

    Check your salinity with a refractometer
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    How are my zoas still living...

    Have you added anything new recently? GFO dust can really irritate corals, did you add that to take care of the algae? I would consider dipping the colonies also if you haven't.
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    What is your favorite tang?

    My favorite is the Sohal Tang I have one in a 300g he's about 9-10inches and shows no aggression towards any of the other fish. That could be because of the Broomtail Wrasse, they seem to keep each other in check.
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    Small fish for nano

    Yellow Assessor
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    Help with magnesium

    Your water quality is fine. Just leave it be and the tank will use it up on its own, no reason to do a water change or add/dose anything.
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    Rimless Edge [6 Gallon Reef Powered by Nanobox]

    Cool tank! That crab is carrying eggs!
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    Which 🐡🐟🐠 ??

    Don't listen to the people who posted above me they don't know anything about the wrasses you mentioned. `Cleaner Shrimp `Fire Shrimp `Peppermint shrimp `Sexy shrimp `Pistol Shrimp Id do an assortment of shrimp say a pair of cleaners and a couple peppermints. Bangaii Cardinal - would avoid...