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  • Hi There,

    I was wondering how much per head of the orange envy's and frag size that you were bringing to the frag swap at ABC tomorrow.

    I'm looking at grabbing a few zoa's from you at the frag swap, can you give me a price/polyp count on a few things in advance?

    Fire and Ice
    Purple D's
    Kedd reds

    Thanks in advance,
    The bj watermelon is a very easy coral to keep. It grows well for me,I'd consider it non delicate. Ive maintained it in high light to low light it will morph accordingly to different parameters.(i.e.- low flow low light will develop eyes further apart orange to pink eyes ,also the skeleton will plate thinner and grow faster if fed once a week ,faster if fed than not.low light low flow.
    Any problems I will help with coach if need be.Linaged to jeremy 420 who got the original colony from rick stevens of Your Reef.

    I dont check this page much so might want to throw a pm ofr in the forum,thope this helps -steve
    I would be intersted in tubbs blues and possibly in Tyree bazooka joe watermelon (cheapest one) frag, I never had a watermelon so I am not sure, is it considered SPS? If so then I would go for just the tubbs blues. My tank has softies and some LPS like favia and acans and they are doing great. I had a staghorn that bleached with in 3 months so I would like to save corals and stay away from stuff that I cant take care of :) Can you send pics or post pics of these guys whenever you have time? Also I live in Oneonta but my girlfriend lives in liverpool so I travel there a bit, anyway would it be possible to hold them a couple of weeks because I'm having finals in my college next week and will not be going there for a little while.
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