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    Too much light?

    What corals? Do the colors look washed out or are they on the brown side? Your tank isn't very deep and a 6 bulb ATI is a good light. Are the corals new to the tank?
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    Grouping brain corals

    There is a better than average chance, they will fight. They may just do enough damage to fight each other off or they may completely annihilate one another. All if those corals have a pretty strong sting and are aggressive. You will be likely ok until they grow close to one another but they...
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    Flame Hawkfish - Reef Safe?

    Might take out shrimp, etc. but should not harm corals unless it decides to lounge on them all day long.
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    ICH: how to cure it, id it, understand it.

    Thanks Tom. I really appreciate you sharing your experience. I will definitely do the tank transfer/QT on all new fish going forward and of course will dip/QT new corals. Just was hoping to reduce the coral QT time period a little. Thanks again for the tips!
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    ICH: how to cure it, id it, understand it.

    I recently completed a tank transfer treatment and an overall 10 week QT while my tank remained fallow. I cannot believe how smoothly everything went. Thought the process would be very stressful on the fish but I didn't lose a single fish. The process was probably more stressful on me than...
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    supplement lighting option?

    Maybe royal blue LED strips? You can get their mounts that site right in the rim of the tank which will put the blues closer to the tank and also keep the heat off of heat of the halides.
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    Do Torches Tear?

    They don't like a ton of flow IME. I would move it to a lower flow area.
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    Copper in distilled water

    So using Prime with distilled could potentially be harmful to fish?
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    what the heck is on this hammer?

    Tough to see in the pics but it just looks like a yellow sponge. Not uncommon for sponge to grown on coral skeletons.
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    Which brand of Overflow box?

    Buy a Lifereef. If not, go with eshopps. I personally would avoid any overflow that requires an aqua lifter pump. Edit: It will be probably be louder than you want so google hofer gurgle buster and build one to quiet it down. Night and day difference, IMO.
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    siphoning detritus of sand bed question

    +1 to using the wider siphon attachment. In addition, while holding the tubing you can crimp the tubing slightly in order to get the sand to just tumble in the wider tube while the lighter detritus keeps moving up and out. Takes a little practice but you will lose very little sand using this...
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    QT for corals?

    I do now and wish I had prior to my outbreak.
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    Cryptocaryon Irritans - tank transfer method

    Makes sense. Thanks Cliff! Justification for fish room secured. Mission accomplished :).
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    Cryptocaryon Irritans - tank transfer method

    I have a question about where to go once the TTM/QT/fallow period is over. I always thought that corals could not transfer ich but that seems to be false. Assuming I QT every animal going forward, how do I know that my new frags, shrimp, etc. are ich free? Are you supposed to QT all new frags...
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    How to receive payment for itens in the FS forum?

    I have never sold anything on RC before and could'nt find an answer through the search function. I have a couple of items to sell (equipment) but I'm not sure how most people conduct these transactions. Do people send payment though the mail or do I need to setup a Paypal account, etc.?