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    FS: Misc equip

    I’ve been out of the hobby for many years. I have a bunch of equipment I need to get rid of ASAP. It is pick up only and you have to take everything, I will not part this out. It’s $400 cash for everything first come first served. I’m in PA. just past the Philly Airport in Delco. 1 – MR1 Becket...
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    Please help indentify this creature

    You should also look up zoanthid eating nudi and compare. If you have zoa's then you may want to look under them to check for egg strands and hidden nudis. It would be unusual for a Berghia to hitchhike in.
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    There is nothing to see here people, lets keep it moving... :D

    There is nothing to see here people, lets keep it moving... :D
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    Problems getting your fish fat?

    To add to this try and make it live, like gracilaria, ulva, or anything else live it might enjoy. I clip a nice size piece of red gracilaria to the glass every day and my tangs graze all day in between feedings.
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    Hitchhiker ID

    Fleshy limpet - maybe?
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    FS: Corals and Equipment

    that would be because I sent it to myself...:confused: :lol: you should have it now.
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    FS: Corals and Equipment

    awesome I'll take it. I am in Brookhaven right around the corner from you, I've pm'ed you my cell # give me a call regarding a good time to meet. Lou
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    FS: Corals and Equipment

    would you be able to post a pic of the 30 w/ bulkheads? If not can you tell me where the bulkheads are located?
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    Happy Holidays

    Right back at ya!!
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    what is this??

    I am sorry to deliver the bad news, they are red planaria (red flatworms) and they are considered a pest to say the least.
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    ? 4 HFF

    Hff, what kind was the clam with the yellow spots? Any idea where I can find one similar? TIA
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    Interesting 4000gal tank of Mr.4000

    2 tangs, Uh Oh, thats a big no no!! WOW, what a tank, I guess I'll have to build one after I make my first million! Mr. 4000, Great tank, and I hope you get many, many years of enjoyment from it. If I am ever in your neck of the woods you'll have to invite me over for a swim!! WELCOME TO RC
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    Uncurable ICH!

    Docmal, I have had good luck with MELEFIX, others have had great luck with using garlic, why not give one of these a try! I personally have not tried garlic but I believe you should soak the food in garlic juice before you feed it to the fish! The only problem with this is your fish my get a...
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    Angel & Tang with Ick for a month

    Jim, HOLY *&$# thats a lot of water!! I have used and was very happy with MELEFIX, no adverse affects on my corals or inverts, i highly recommend it. I used the melefix along with 2 cleaner shrimp and a UV sterilizer have not seen any ICK in over a year!! Just make sure you turn off your protien...