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  • hi, i want to ask you
    i will be in kuala lumpur at corus hotel for 3 days
    do you advice me to some reef stores
    Thank YOU. Your frags are great. Didn't have any of them. I like all of them and thank you for being so generous. Mitchell You should really try to come out for the Bowling.
    I took a few pictures of the corals you gave me. They are in the album in my profile titled, "new additions 1/25/10".

    Thanks again and it was nice to meet you,
    I think it wasn't a cyphastrea at all, it's a lapestrea or something like that. Julio (nismo_32) would probably know, he knows all those random coral names. Sorry I can't be more helpful. I'm not even home to look at it and know what it is.
    Hey Mitchell,

    I thought that the coral was a cyphastrea, however it's something like a lapestrea or something like that. Just tell keith it was the encrusting green one that Eric thought was a cyphestria, he should know what it is. I think he got banned from RC for selling, so if you need his email or anything let me know.

    Hope that helps,

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