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  • Hey, Greg

    This is Steve's wife. WE are heaidng to New Braunfels, Texas next month. I am wondering if Melanie would be willing to get me the Friends and family deal at one of the hotels there. I will locate the hotel if she can get the reset taken care of. I am also trying to get Steve to wehre we can start returning to the meetings again in August. Been a tough year, Jenna has had a Snake bite by a copperhead, then has started staying with again and we have bben paying for a empty apartment in OKC for the past 5 months. THis is our last month of that. Hope you all and the boys are doing good. Would love to get to see everyoone again.
    Hey Greg I would love to get the 29 hex. When you said top did you mean a glass cover or plastic lid with light?
    My email is
    I will be driving home from work from 7:00 to 7:30pm
    Hey this steve tbones friend. He told me that you had a ro system for sell. I would like to get it so would you call me when you get time. Thanks.
    Hey Greg, when you get a chance go to your Vendors post and read the idiot that says they just sold out fast...I need to come up with something to sell him.
    I told Glen to hurry up! You should call him in about two minutes. He just pulled his but out of bed. I asked him when you guys wanted the donations. I'm stuck at work pretty much all day with no relief, and I have family obligations tonight. I can bring them in the am or if there is anyone free with a truck or suv I could send them with that would work to. lmk
    Got all the ric's in my tank. Hermit crabs were having a field day this A.M. on some of them. Those must be the ones that are almost dead. If you decide you want them back just lmk and I'll give them back to you.
    Bad weekend! I took a nasty spill and am in a wheel chair for a few weeks, but I'm looking for a blue milli, you have any?

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