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    Two Aquariums for sale

    Sent you a couple of PM's haven't heard back LMK when you have a chance ��
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    Yep I am here, miss ppl using our old page still check it daily thou. Glad to see your tank is...

    Yep I am here, miss ppl using our old page still check it daily thou. Glad to see your tank is doing well. Everything good?
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    Ghellin's 180 build.

    Really nice work! Your doing it right, should give you many years of enjoyment!
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    My reef is dying :/

    Test your Mag.
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    Is there a cheaper alternative for a sandbed?

    They don't sell it anymore, tried like heck to find a good alternative when I setup the new system, didn't find one. Pavestone, was a great substitute and they changed what was in it this year, I ended up buying new. The only cheap alternative at this point is to find sand someone is throwing...
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    WARNING: Wet pets RO water issues

    Keep in mind that Steve and his staff keep on top of things very well, if there was an issue and they know about it, its probably fixed, and since its probably new now, the water should be very good. JMHO
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    WTB Reeflo Dart or Snapper

    Looking for a quality used or new Reeflo Dart or Snapper, send me a PM if you have one you can part with.
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    Once again, new baby!

    Congrats buddy!
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    300 Gallon Rebuild in New House

    Looks great! Glad its all finally coming together.
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    Bryopsis wins

    Clean the rock in Muratic Acid, then do a bleach bath, the trapped phosphates and organic's will be gone, (along with anything else that is alive or not in the rocks) after your done soak the rocks in RO/DI for a few days and your good to go. I did this with my Rock before I restarted my tank...
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    If it becomes necessary for a breakdown give me a shout I can come help out.
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    MACNA in DFW 2012?

    What he said :beer:
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    Equipment for sale

    Paul, do you have any Mag pumps?