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  • Good Afternoon,
    I read somewhere that you work for Reed Mariculture. Does your company ever support classrooms with getting rotifer cultures started?
    Thanks so much,


    Jonathan Perrone, MA
    Team 8A Science
    Mountain Sky Jr. High School
    Phoenix, AZ
    I can ship them tomorrow. I just got kicked out of my house and have two days to get all my stuff into storage. House was broken into this last Thursday and they took mainly only my stuff and trashed my computer. car was broken into a month and a half ago. I'm on a super restricted diet due to food allergies. My life sucks right now Frank.

    Please email full shipping address you want it at, and phone number. My cell died, I got a replacement but getting it activated it like taking the BAR exam. If you need to call use my desk line of 408-687-4680. I may not pick up but I get a VM via my email. I will have my cell working in a few days.
    Hi Gresh,

    Phoenix this weekend, they are holding their annual Frag-o-ween

    Anyway I can PLEASE get some small bottles of RN for their Raffle?

    Let me know
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