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    Elagance not happy, closed for several days.

    What did you pay? Aussies are more expensive.
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    Going rate for Saltwater at LFS

    Given the lack of context, your post was left field. The gas tax is fairly straight forward ;)
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    Going rate for Saltwater at LFS

    A .20 tax the store is responsible for collecting on saltwater sold? Are they applying this to all water sold? Got a link for this?
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    do I need to feed my elegance?

    MO falls under "animal feeds", like dogs, cats, even livestock. Under FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) enacted a few years ago, regulations...
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    do I need to feed my elegance?

    The FDA and USDA indeed do oversee pet feeds, and very strictly as well. Technically all aquarium feeds should be made in a USDA certified kitchen. FWIW I was the Compliance Officer for a major aquarium feed manufacturer. Manufacturers are held liable just like any other food producer. The...
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    A co-op of marine breeders?

    there was talk on a fwew breeder forums but the logistics prohibited it. The US is just too big.
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    Captive bred vs wild caught: saving the reefs?

    Vibrios (numerous species of the genus Vibrio - ) tend to be omnipresent in aquaria. Its just when they get out of control, they can do real damage.
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    Phytofuge - For the biology nerds out there

    They won't crash it.... but they will out compete it.
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    List of Bay Area LFS, with address and directions.

    IN an effort to help those that volunteer to make this map, giving all pertinent data really helps... Keith's Coral Reefs 457 B PARK AVE SAN JOSE, CA 95110
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    Commercial Saltwater Purchase

    C-Pure used to be the guy... dunno if they are still around.
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    Reef nutrition fridgated doser w/ saltwater flush

    FWIW I left Reed Mariculture, the parent company of Reef Nutrition, a couple weeks ago. I manage the aquaculture department of a large aquaponic grower now :) but that doesn't mean I no longer know reef stuff. I wouldn't mix RN products together for several reasons. I'd go with the multi...
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    How will the new CA mandates affect reefers in the state?

    renters don't pay for water? I must have missed that memo at every place I have ever lived in California :lol:
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    There Is Phosphate In Aragonite Sand

    SiO2 also is used in glass aquariums :headwally: Very little goes into solution, and diatoms are in fact beneficial to marine aquaria. Out of control diatom growth isn't however. I've used silica sand in numerous aquariums, never had much of an issue.
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    How will the new CA mandates affect reefers in the state?

    Newsweek and Time Magazine published looming ice age articles in the 70's, which is where that entirely came from (not from scientific reports). Nearly all scientists, besides the few interviewed by Gwynne (Newsweek editor), did not believe that to be true. You (and a lot of others) got played...