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    Emperor Angel

    I have a 300 gallon tank with a queen angel raised from a juvenile to about 4 inches currently. Other fish include tangs, trigger, eel, parrotfish, coral beauty, harlequin tusk, rabbit fish. Saw a juvenile emperor angel much smaller than the queen. Thoughts about adding? Hoping that the big...
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    Adding a puffer? Large? Toby? Both?

    I have a well stocked 300g tank. The only coral are mushrooms and also has anemones. Fish include tangs - purple, naso, desjardins, gem; angels-goldflake, scribbled, queen, coral beauty; eels-snowflake and blue ribbon; harlequin tusk. All fish live harmoniously together. The 1 fish I have...
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    Regal angel? Do I...?

    I saw him eating yesterday as well as today (both times frozen food), although not as vigorously today as yesterday. He did eat both days though and has a belly like an offensive lineman
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    Regal angel? Do I...?

    I have a 300 gallon tank with several fish including a goldflake, scribbled, and baby queen angel. Always loved the regal but understand how challenging they are. A fat and happy one is at my lfs eating frozen food like a champ (I never see them eating at the shop but this one looks great). I...
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    Thinking of adding a powder blue

    300g mixed reef. Already have a desjardins, blue hippo, naso, and purple. I saw a beautiful healthy powder blue. He is smaller than that Hippo and desjardins that are already in the tank. No issues with the current mix of tangs. Thoughts in this size tank?
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    Male Bellus not eating 😢

    I have had a large male bellus for about 3 years and all of a sudden he stopped eating a few days ago and it is almost lile his chest/stomach seems swollen. Any ideas/suggestions?
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    thalassoma quinquevittatum In an LPS reef?

    Thanks. Going to play it safe
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    thalassoma quinquevittatum In an LPS reef?

    300 gallon mixed reef but mostly LPS euphelia and nems. Several fish invludong tangs, anthias, wrasses- lineatus, harlequin tusk, mystery, and angels- goldflake, coral beauty, bellus I have heard that these fish can be aggressive but thoughts in this size tank with these other fish? I am...
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    Harlequin tusk in a mixed reef

    Anyone keep a HT is a mixed reef. I do have some nacarius snails and hermits and know the risk. Coral is euphelia, leathers and have some anemonies. Experiences and thoughts? My favorite fish. My current fish are very well fed which will hopefully help. Thanks
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    What Alk test do you use?

    Hands down Hanna checker
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    What exactly is "arrive alive" when shipping fish

    I purchased an expensive and typically hardy fish from what I understand to be a reputable seller with an arrive alive guarantee. The fish was quarantined in his system for a month and I was told it was eating and doing great (I have no reason to doubt that). After acclimating and putting in...
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    Harlequin Tusk

    I have a mixed reef and know I am risking the inverts but am going to add a HT (have had one in a fish only system and has always been my favorite fish). My LFS has a nice one that is eating but I know they can be a bit shy when introducing to an aquarium. DD has one that is $70 more and is...
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    New gem tang addition question...

    Adding a 7 inch gem tang to a 300g tank with other tangs including a Desjardins 9 in (has not been aggressive with other fish yet) Naso 8 in (stereotypical docile fish) Blue hippo 8 in (can be a bit moody) Purple 5 in but was able to put him in the refugium while the gem arrives and acclimates...
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    Tang experts...

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    Looking for suggestions on new tank

    I agree with the other posts here but just food for thought, I do have an in wall tank with two sided viewing that is 300 gallons and is a mixed reef. That tank is LPS dominant and a lot of fish. Wow if not directly next to the other tank, across the room I have a smaller tank with just a few...