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    Indonesia fishing video

    I follow a sailing couple on YouTube that have been stuck in Indonesia for the past year because of the virus. They got to know a group of guys working a fishing boat and spent some time filming them gathering reef fish for the industry.
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    Mrc skimmer info

    Did you get it running?
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    Looking for some Cheato

    Thanks all. I should be getting some this week. Cheers
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    Looking for some Cheato

    Anyone need to get rid of some Cheato? I had a nasty hair algae issue and had to use some chemicals that killed off my Cheato also. I need to replenish it ASAP as my tank is a mess without it. I am in 19348 if anyone is nearby. Cheers- PJ
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    Any Cheato left to sell?

    Any Cheato left to sell?
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    Macro Algae ID - Bryopsis?

    ANy other thoughts. Mine looks the same. Is this Hair or bryopsis?
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    How to catch a Mantis in your reef

    Great trap idea!
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    Hair Algae outbreak (2yr tank)

    I have spent many a weekend hunting that bastard. I still do not know where he lives (it is somewhere in the back where I can not see). I have pulled all the rocks out and done the club soda trick only to no avail. Anyway... I will try vodka. Both for me and the tank.
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    chaeto won't grow

    If the bulb is over a year old replace it.
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    Hair Algae outbreak (2yr tank)

    Well I am getting frustrated. I have hair algae everywhere now. It started in my overflow about 2 months ago. It id not seem like a big deal. I cleaned it out. Now I have it in the DT, sump, and fuge. My params are fine, my RO/DI is working fine (checked with a new meter). I have done water...
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    livetock gone, seling equipment left.....

    What are the tank dimensions? What is your zip code? Cheers
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    Installed Glass-Holes 700GPH kit, overflow box is quiet, but my PVC pipe isn't..Help?

    Can you put a slight angle on your longer pipe? It is better if the water flows down the pipe instread of just dropping down.
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    A Reef in the Sky

    WOW! My favorite parts are the light lifter and the stand. Nicely designed!
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    canopy lift ideas?

    Another vid: There seems to be some linear actuators on ebay.
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    The T5 Q&a Thread

    Sorry to ask this again but without the search working it is hard to find an answer. What is the current bulb mix recommendation for a 48" Constillation on a mixed tank? Thanks!