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    Tunez 6055 problem

    I got it all cleaned up working great thanks for your help
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    Tunez 6055 problem

    I read your post again, I asked the wrong question the problem I am having is the shaft moves by hand but has grounding feeling and it will not turn when I plug it in and I used a power supply from my other 6055. Is there a way to clean this? Thanks
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    Tunez 6055 problem

    The propeller is off the shaft turns but it feels like it is grinding sand I will try what you said thanks
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    Tunez 6055 problem

    I have a 6055 that i have not used for a couple years before I put it in storage I thought I did a good job of cleaning it. I was going to use it on a tank i was setting up and found that the impeller dose not move freely. Is there any thing I can do i have had it sitting in a vinegar bath for...
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    LF Colt coral

    I am looking for a colt coral, if anyone has one or knows of a LFS that has one please let me know, thanks
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    Fish boarding

    Looking to see if anyone knows if any LFS here boards fish. I am going on vacation for 3 weeks and I have a Ghost Ribbon Eel that needs hand feed every couple days, the other fish in my 60 cube are good with being feed by my auto feeder, thanks.
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    It did not work out with Deep Blue does anyone know of someone who makes canopies
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    Looking to have a tall canopy built for 60 gal cube, let me know if you know someone or a business that makes them, thanks.
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    What's your oldest oldest bit of reefing equipment?

    Mag 500 pump bought in 1996 use it now to mix salt for water changes
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    Green Long Hair Algae PROBLEM.

    Weekly water changes find out what is the cause (over feeding) and get a sea hare it will eat the algae
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    Free corals

    Interested in the Kenya has anyone else asked for it?
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    Ghost ribbon eel

    It is in a 60 cube for now there are no aggressive fish in the tank a couple Pj cardinals a air small clowns. It was eating frozen krill at the LFS and he alps ate that for the one time he ate. I will try burying some PVC under the sand and rock thanks.
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    Ghost ribbon eel

    I picked up a very healthy ghost ribbon eel 1 week a go saw him eating at the LFS and he ate 1 time for me. He only came out once during the lights coming on I do see him swimming around after all light are out in the house. How do I get him to come out more, or is it just wait for him to come...