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  • Hey man how ya been haven't talked to you in a while? Drop me a line and let me know how ya been.
    How did your Berghia tank end up from early 2010, did the babies grow into adults? Have you kept the cycle going? Would love an update! :)
    hey man hows it going havent heard from ya in while just touching base with ya hope things are well!! drop me a line sometime man.
    You won of course. lol. It will be posted in the March newsletter. I already started the thread in the leadership forum. This is how we've always announced the winner.
    yea i got talked into it instead of ARM, now i have my reactor ph at 6.2 and the media isnt dissolving and make my values go up?
    glen hey its micheal! hey man have you ever used reborn reactor media befor i just put some in my reactor adn i can tget my levels to rise up? I did just put 8 sps in but i still cant get my levels to rise you have any ideas on what i can do?
    I have no idea on those reef octo recirc. skimmers. Never had one. I would assume you would have to supply it with water from a seperate pump and there should also be a pump with it that recirculates the water inside the skimmer. Is it internal or external, or both?
    hey its micheal! I just bought a new reef octo recirculating skimmer and i cant find any instructions on how to put it together. Do you have any ideas on how i can put it together and adjust it
    That's the life of a reef tank owner. Always waiting on the other shoe to drop.
    its comming along ok i guess i finally got rid of the cotton cady alge i had so now il just wait for the next disaster lol
    hey man what up! sorry i havnt bee to the commas meeting slately just been super busy. Just wanted to drop you a line adn say Hi!
    Hey dude. can I borrow the Hole saw again? If you could bring it to the meeting I can get it from you there.
    hey glen its micheal you never called me sunday?? Hey i have a question would upgradeing my T5 ballists to the icecap 660 maek a big difference? i read it makes a 53 wat bulb more like an 80 watt buble im trying to figure out weather to go MH or up grade teh ballist in my t5 and i rember you had soem ice cap 660
    Hey Gleen, was thinking about your old heater. And just contacting you to see about doing a tune up/cleaning of it for the heat season.
    Hey Glen, Here is the list of the chalices I got this week. Let me know if you would like to see some pics and I will shoot you some.

    Tubs AE Watermelon
    LE Watermelon Grape
    LE Desert Sunrise
    LE Emerald Mummy Eye
    LE Area 51
    LE Riddler
    Bubble Gum
    Watermelon Taffy
    Goblin Eyes
    Hot Tamale
    Red Dragon
    3 unknowns
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