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  • JVU,
    hi, I can come tomorrow August 1 about noon. Will it work for you? Please confirm.
    I want 8 Berghia at $12 each. Or, 9 for $100 would be great?
    I need your address please. My text 415-939-2880.
    Hi again. I have Berghia available for you now. If you'd like to pick them up this weekend or in the coming week, that would work.

    Ok, adding you to the waiting list. Hard to predict exactly. I estimate a month or so.
    Hi, yes I’m breeding Berghia. I have a short waiting list right now as they grow up to young adult. I charge $12 per Berghia and I sell them at the young adult (about 1/2 inch) size. I’m in Walnut Creek. I can add you to the waiting list, how many would you want?
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