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    DIY cinder block tank stand

    if you do attempt this, please get a friend to video each time you attempt to move it. for science.
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    Jebao WP-25 In production and Up for GB!

    Just sent payment for 3 wp25's thank you macboat for organizing this.
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    Looking for blue zoanthids in PR

    fairly sure you need a license to collect them. although im not sure the lawn will show much interest.
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    dang! is broke. boooo
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    Lunar paly morph

    very nice
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    Yea! I've created a new morph!

    do you have any other polyps it could be? maybe it was something else before. might check zoaID to see if you can find one like it. could have also been a hitchhiker. but if it is a new one thats pretty dang sweet
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    Ebay Seller Using MY Pic!

    i wonder if i bought a bunch of crap and then had paypal reverse the charges if that would be considered a bad thing to do
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    Colony Polyps

    you can pick them out an mail em to me...
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    starting soft tank Ideas??

    the guy at your lfs is wrong imho. id put at least 2 #2's in there, pref #3's. karlbob is exactly right. if you buy cheap crap you get cheap crap. if you buy quality stuff used its still quality and a lot less expensive. my gf will tell you im as big of a cheapass as anyone but ive...
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    Breaking the siphon on a large pump?

    just get a check valve
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    Spot feeding acans.

    mine always seem to extend when food is in the tank whether the lights are on or off.
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    Everyone said I had to do it. Crazy zoa pic

    x2 on peppermints. they should clean it up for ya
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    Making Frag Disks

    one way to make a bunch of them would be to make a mold so you could easily duplicate lots of them.