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    Aquascaping Established Tank

    You can move things around. Just make sure you have no "dead spots" so it wont collect any detritus.
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    The Dolphin Pet Village DPV Anemone Back Story

    I've sent one Anemone tentacle to Maury Povich show for DNA testing purposes. Maury said, "DPV, you are the father!"
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    FS: Berghia Nudibranchs - 1/4" - $7 each

    Typically, how many of these Nudis you need in a 200 gal tank?
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    WTB Rainbow Nem

    Someone is selling in the Bay area section.
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    Ice Cap 36 sump for sale

    Where are you located? Where is the leak located and what is your asking price? Thanks
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    Misled's 80 gallon Mixed Up Deep Blue Rimless Edge Lagoon

    Awesome build Jesse. Tagged
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    My build.

    Impressive build!
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    Fadi's Reef 180 Gallons sps dominated Tank

    Congrats Fadi! Your tank looks amazing!!!
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    Bubble Tip

    That is normal. It will find a suitable location and will stay put once it finds that specific spot.
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    Good fish for rimless tank

    Indeed. Had a pair of crosshatch triggers jumped out of my rimless tank.
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    Mr and Mrs Reef - 290g in wall build

    Awesome tank. I love the growth and the coral placements.
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    Help on choosing/setting up a Calcium Reactor

    I agree, utilizing a peri pump should be beneficial.
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    Best Doser-Opinions? Experiences (good and bad)

    I'm also going to recommend the Apex DOS. Awesome product.