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    LF:lagoon 25

    pm sent.
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    Corals for Sale

    hi, i would like these if available: 20. Frogspawn (1 large head splitting into 3) $20 21. Hammer (1 large head, 2 mouths) $20 73. Large Polyp Purple Gorgonian (photosynthetic) $5 85. Superman Mushroom $5
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    Selling reefer 425xl

    your box is full...interested in just tank and stand. please pm me if you part out. thanks
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    fs:blue tang and others for $75

    hi, clearing out this tank, i have these items for $75 1. 3" blue tang 2. six line wrasse 3. 2 azure damselfish 4. 3" rock flower anemone (red with green) 5. 2 pieces of live rock around 6" each 6. tiger conch in garden grove. please pm me with any questions
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    LF: Rasta Zoas South OC

    if whoever has extra, i would like to buy as well...thanks
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    Anyone know where I can get some nice green BTA

    Please let me know if you know of a place or if someone has one to sell. Thanks, Henry
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    Fish for sale

    can't see any pics here...
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    Corals for Sale

    haha...1 post and almost all sold. always sooo quick. great seller.
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    WTB: Milli SPS in Orange County please

    hi, anyone have frags of millis for sale? i have the asd rainbow and sunset already. any other ones would be great. please let me know. thanks
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    anyone know of homebreeder or forum for dwarf freshwater shrimp?

    seeing if i can find someone local who sells dwarf freshwater shrimp? thank you
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    Anyone has nice 4ft frag tank set up to sell?

    i have a 4 x 2 x 16 inches high. made by advanced acrylics that is new and has exterior overflow. acrylic is 1" thick. $475. tank only. henry
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    FS: Japanese Pink Nephthea (Simi Valley)

    will you ship? it can go priority and get there the next day.
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    FS: Japanese Pink Nephthea (Simi Valley)

    me too and i will pay for gas...