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  • Million Thanks! They need one month for delivery. If I face any difficulties uploading the profile, I 'll let you know...
    Hello Hentz!
    I ordered today the 2 hydra 26hd for my red sea reefer 250 as you suggested and I would be thankful if you could share with me the "killing profile" you mentioned. The colour of your sps corals seems awesome as far as I can tell from the pics you sent me :)
    Million thanks in advance :)
    I still have both since you have been very interested in them if you want I offer to you 640 pair or 325 for the one. I will definitely not be going lower than that anytime soon.

    Please let me know cause I am also offering the same deal to someone else

    I saw your post of your nuvo 16 with kessil A350. How did you mount your gooseneck to the back? did you have to add plywood or does the gooseneck firmly fit on the thin back glass? I have concerns that the weight would crack the glass.

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