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    Wondering about clams and Kelvin values...

    1. It is my understanding the zooxanthellae in tridacnid mantle are the same strains found in acropora and pocillopora. Is this incorrect? It was my understanding that the opposite was/is true. I must admit I cannot remember where I heard, so I cannot be sure. You seem to be sure. Could you...
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    Wondering about clams and Kelvin values...

    How kind of you not to "spew flames" at me. Look, you're misinterpereting me. I never said that 12000+K bulbs cannot deliver enough usable PAR. I said that I don't think that they deliver enough usable PAR (and I should have added "in the spectrum usable to clams") I said that in general it is...
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    Wondering about clams and Kelvin values...

    Perhaps you should be careful as well. You make the mistake of thinking that if it works occasionally, then it must work generally. Wrong. There are so many factors involved that one cannot really say that because it works once that it is a generally advisable practice. A couple of...
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    Acclimating squamosa

    Is there some way you could build a little "fence" or barrier around it to keep it from tumbling, until it anchors itself? HTH
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    Fire Worms!

    It is very unlikely that the worm killed your clam. The clam was probably already dead or dying; the worm was probably just cleaning up. Clams usually don't show extravagant signs of decline; they are good one day, and gone the next, often. Clams can appear just fine right up to the moment they...
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    who has the biggest gigas clam?

    That gigas came from my tank. It's a great clam, about 13" long. and growing fast. Enjoy.
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    Taking a little break

    Hello everyone. Because of some (good) circumstances happening in my life (going back to school, planning a family, and shifting my real-estate interests to a more monetarily advantageous arrangement), I must take a break from the hobby for a year or two. When things get settled, I will have...
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    Flame Scallop

    Try this link as well:
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    Beware: Cat vs. Clams

    About a week ago, I lost my smallest derasa clam. It just suddenly died, with no signs of decline. I was puzzled, and could not figure out what the problem was. Then, my crocea (small) died as suddenly a few days ago. Well, examining the tank, I found that my cat had knocked one of her little...
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    T-Max clam not opening

    Check to make sure that you haven't wedged it shut with the rock. Did you try to direct-feed it DT's? If so, please do not do that. Just putting the DT's in the water column is enough. Clams cannot be directly fed.
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    Mantle extended, straight up

    It seems like enough light to me. However, if the mantle is very colorful, the clam might be asking for more light. I would follow the wise course you are taking; examine the edges of the shell and mantle, and perhaps move the clam up a little. Perhaps worry is not really in order yet. I...
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    My clams need help :(:(

    I know this is too little too late, but I think Knop states in his book that smaller clams (less than 2 inches need some source of nitrogen (ammonia, nitrate) and/or phytoplankton for survival, and that the bigger ones really only need light. As was posted above, I really would stick with...
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    What type of Tradacnid is best for 1st time clam owner?

    If your tank is less than a year old I would wait, but if it is at least a year old and your water quality is good, I would say that any clam really would do well in your setup. Knop seems to think that maximas are hardiest, and derasas are very hardy as well. Don't forget to research clam...
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    MY LFS said i could....

    "Young" clams do not need significantly less light then "old" clams. Old or young, they need the MH.