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    Fish and Live rock Sale~ Lakeland FL

    So is this it? Are you out after this? Sad day Bro.
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    florida or yuma?

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    Foxface question

    Your foxface, if it's like mine, will eat what you feed the tank over the caulerpa. You might have to cut back on the tank feedings to get him working. My foxface has not grown more than an inch in the year I have had it. Maybe I got a pygmy or something. LOL. The foxface will also produce ALOT...
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    Pair of Perculas for sale

    Have you located the pair of picassos yet?
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    id my new rics

    They look like yuma ricordeas to me.
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    ClownReef®'s clowns!
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    how do I fill di cartridge with new resin?

    Matt where did you find DI resin at?
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    New Store - Lakeland!

    You sure you don't work for this store? If both guys were talking to people, it must have been outside while you snapped pics. :lol: Stopped in and checked the store out, still lacking on livestock, but that should come with time. The store was set up very nice. Everything was clean, and...
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    almost all white clownfish

    Thank you. That is my female from my MAC pair in both pics.
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    almost all white clownfish

    Here's a couple you can use:
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    Do I Have Enough Light for Rics?

    Nah, it just seems that way. I know several people over there that run T5's, including me. :D
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    New Store - Lakeland!

    Nice Mystery wrasse. Looks like this might be my kind of store.
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    New Store - Lakeland!

    Glad to hear they finally opened. Thanks for letting us know, I will have to get by and check them out. How was the coral selection? It would be nice to have a local store worth going to.
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    HELP!!!! Metal Halide Coral Help

    Are these double ended bulbs? Do you have any glass between the bulb and water?