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  • setup was pretty easy, not rocket science :)
    i got rid of my surge protectors so you should be able to also.
    keep in mind the dc8 has 8 outlets on it, so if you have more than 8 things to plug in you might need more but it was plenty for me and i have a 210 and a 30 breeder frag tank, so it should be enuff for you. i also have mine screwed to the studs of the stand
    if your dosing for alk from your drews dosing pumps then you could use a ph probe to turn the pumps on and off, thats what i am doing but for my calcium reactor.
    2 heaters shouldnt be a problem but check out the finnex titanium heat tubes, if your gonna get a controller you can use the finnex heat tubes with the controler and your all set, thats what i did and it keeps my tank pegged at 76* except when my light come on but thats cause of the metal halide lights i run, you can also run a chiller off the controller if you like. you can do so much with the thing its almost endless, the neptune controllers just rock!
    Thanks for the info about the ACjr. I think I do want to go with one. A couple quick ?s. Was it easy to setup? I have a sump room with my current surge protectors screwed right to the studs. Would this also allow me to do away with the surge and simply use the 8 outlets to be programmable? I am worried about things like my Drew's dosing pumps which are on digital timers right now. I would need to buy a ph probe to monitor that and plug it right into the main unit?? What if two heaters are needed? Sorry to be a bother but since you just got one, you may be able to answer all of the questions. Thanks-
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