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  • Thanks! I've found that depictions of police brutality toward peaceful protesters is a real crowd pleaser.
    The 20RLT probably isn't enough. The recommendation I always read was the pump should provide 1000gph at 4 feet of head, and be pressure rated. From my experience, that was plenty of flow, but the 20RLT only puts out about 400gph at 4'. The 40RLT could be enough.

    On my setup, the pump's intake was from a 1.5" bulkhead in the sump where the display drained into. The skimmer also drained into that area, but far enough away from the intake to avoid recirculation (not that recirculation is completely bad, in fact I thought a little bit was good).

    There should be an MRC owners thread with pictures of different setups.
    Hello there Tim
    Don't really meant to bother u with questions
    About ur skimmer, but the more I read the more
    Questions I have... I've been this hobby for nearly 9 years
    But I have never had an external skimmer.
    From reading your add I noticed u sold ur iwaki md 55 rlt
    Pump... Here locally there are 2 iwaki pumps being offered
    At the local fish club... Both of them are WMD 20 RLT however
    Their GPH is only 174... Urs on the other hand was 540 gph.
    The ? Is would this WMD 20 RLT be enough for the skimmer?
    Also trying to figure out where does the pump go and
    Where does the return line to sump goes.... I have had
    No luck with any pictures or videos of how this skimmer
    Is to be set up..
    Very sorry About that ... I feel like a newbie just like when I
    Started this hobby.
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