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    MARS Christmas Party

    It's the most wonderful time of the year! MARS Annual Christmas Party December 15 Roundtable Pizza 9500 Greenback Lane Folsom CA 95630 Raffle, White Elephant Gift exchange, and fun with your fellow hobbyists
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    May 2017 Meeting Postponed

    Unfortunately, the meeting for May will have to be postponed. We are really sorry about this. The BOD will be discussing when during the rest of our planned meetings for the year we can have the Coral Auction that was planned for May. The next meeting will be July 15: Fish Food Making, at...
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    MARS 2017 Events

    The coral auction has been postponed, so no meeting this May
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    April Meeting: Used Gear Sale and Equipment Swap at Your Reef

    Thanks everyone who came out! It was a beautiful day and it was great to see so many members!
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    April Meeting: Used Gear Sale and Equipment Swap at Your Reef

    I know that Chris is sending me with a bunch of stuff!
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    April Meeting: Used Gear Sale and Equipment Swap at Your Reef

    April 15th Used Gear and Equipment swap and sale at Your Reef Aquarium. Bring your stuff and sell or trade it away. Then maybe buy some new stuff to take home. Think of it as a Tax Day Swap: ring in your tax refund to buy new and old stuff
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    Back in the reef game

    I am not sure if it is the same nepthea, but I have one in our tank that may drop babies soon. You can always check with John at Your Reef.
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    Moving To Sacramento

    If you are seriously interested in the Fair Oaks area, then Your Reef is a great option for water, corals, and fish. We live in Fair Oaks and it is no more than 10 - 15 minutes to drive there. We have been loyal customers for many years
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    MARS 2017 Events

    Events for the 2017 Year April 15 "“ Equipment Swap @ Your Reef (time tba) May 20 "“ Coral Auction July 15 "“ Food Making Aug 12 "“ Guest Speaker Sep 16 "“ Frag Swap Nov 18 "“ Friends-giving with Coral Dec 16 "“ Christmas Party
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    MARS 2017 Winter Frag Swap

    $10 admission fee + any of the following: a) 3 common corals (if you want to do common swap) b) 10 common corals (if you want 1 LE ticket + common swap) c) 3 LE corals (if you want 1 LE ticket + common swap) d) 3 Ultra corals (if you want 1 Ultra round ticket + common swap)
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    LE and Ultra Corals for Swaps

    Here is the List MARS 2017 Frag Swap LE/Ultra Corals list Do not copy without permission Limited Edition - 3 Frags from this list gets you a pick during the LE Round - NO limit to the number of tickets you can earn - Any two of your three frags can be the same --For Example - Two frags of...
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    Tigebell's Build

    I knew you weren't going to be out for very long! Welcome back! And sometimes you just need a smaller tank...:lolspin:
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    MARS 2017 Winter Frag Swap

    Swap Guidelines Each person swapping corals needs to buy a wristband and bring three frags in separate clear plastic containers. Spectators are welcome at no charge. Styrofoam containers, Tupperware, and plastic bags will not be accepted. Appropriate containers will be available at the door...