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    FS: 525g Acrylic tank...$750

    Nathan what are dimensions on the 225?
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    WTB 15g of bio balls

    I will look and see if I still have my old ones!
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    28 Gal Nano...

    I dont get all scientific but I see the same thing you do and usually dose alk and nothing else In between w/c. Why I am not sure and to me doesn't really matter as long as the number are where they need to be. My numbers are about spot on what you are giving and my tank is flourishing.I use...
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    28 Gal Nano...

    Really need to invest in a di. Not using it will lead to huge headaches.
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    For Sale: 210 Gallon Saltwater System

    Tank Dimensions? I may be missing it.
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    pizza day

    I would but I am an hour from Fairview heights
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    pizza day

    That is why I have been once and wont go back! Good food though. The metropolis Il one is way better about seating. What we really need is an Illinois Side Pizza night. Tons of new stores over here.
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    Petco online purchases

    Petco now owns Foster smith which is the best online place there is. Question is If it will spill over to petco.
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    FS: 28 gallon nano cube led pro

    I have one of these pro's and they are nice. This is a heck of a deal as well.
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    Coral identification

    I can never remember names of any of them!
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    Pife's One fifty glass box build

    I would think maybe one of the test was bad. If you have 0 tds how would you have nitrates? I would think nitrates are tds. I am no water chemist though.
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    Diy skimmer neck cleaner