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    BLOG!! Please take me back I am Begging you. I was wrong. the other social media treated me like a cup of soup. I was so wrong to leave you, please take me back. I promise to put the lid down.
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    Dear blog,

    Dear blog I am leaving you! I have found a new social media that loves me back, and doesn't complain if I leave the lid up. Goodbye
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    Well I quit talking to myself (did a 12 step). I think I my be Blogging wrong.
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    I stopped singing hello to myself , so that's good. Unfortunately when I was talking to myself I started answering myself in Shawn Connery's voice. Not good, but funny.
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    Second Blog

    Still talking to myself, and am singing Lionel Richie's Hello to myself. still not good.
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    My first blog

    I think I may be my only follower. In that case I am talking to myself. Not good.
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    Help me get better please

    I try to stick to the rule of thirds for balanced photos. You can Google it and i am sure you will find a lot of info on it.
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    Help me get better please

    I like the shots for the most part. I also use a canon and have had good results manually adjusting the white balance.
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    Diving with ricordea and zooanthids in Florida

    The reefs are not all wrecked the US. What info do you base your statement on.
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    Helicopter Tours

    The water really looks low, compared to the last time I was there. It must be the drought.
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    Which Carribean Resort?

    I have been to Cozumel, Roatan, and Bonaire to dive. Of the 3 I would pick Bonaire (my wife would pick Roatan) for snorkeling as the reefs pretty much start at the shore. Most of the diving is also done from shore because of this. However Roatan has very shallow reefs that are not to far off...
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    Georgia state aquarium. Worth it?

    Whale Sharks Ohh yeah its worth it. the backstage pass wasn't to much more, and it was well worth it.
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    ID please

    I think it's coral. ;)
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    Why only 1 or 2 pages on reef fishes?

    That is just since yesterday, on the lower left you can change the options back to the last 100 or so days.
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    The 480gal Fish Condo Has Begun

    Nice fish condo they even have WiFi i see. lol