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  • TEAM RC! Congrats!
    Long time, I've been a little busy. How's the family doing? All is well I hope? Is your wife doing better? How's the job? Geez, so many questions and so little space!

    Just a quick why I've been away... I've been in graduate school for counseling and psychology. Keeps me very busy and don't have time for much more. About the only time I've been on the computer is to do papers and research. I turned it on and the format of the site has totally changed, don't like it now.

    Before you ask, family is doing very good. Youngest is having some problems with classmates. The 'ol "your fat", "are you pregnant" sorta crap. She is a little over weight and the kids are really mean to her. We put her in counseling to hopefully give her some coping skills since she won't listen to us.

    Hope your world is going much better.

    hey :)

    whats your opinion on a new forum, it could be called say the "competition forum" for example, members could post pics of fish, inverts and corals etc, could have 3-4 pic comps per month with the winning photos on view in the reefkeeping mag,you team members could pic the best 5 in your opinions out of the hundreds posted and put the best 5 to a public poll, just a thought
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