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    Looking for Grand Bahama Suggestions

    Thanks; I'll check out Stuarts. I'd love to see tiger sharks in the wild!
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    Looking for Grand Bahama Suggestions

    We will be taking a trip to Freeport in late June, and I'd love suggestions for dive sites and companies around that area. It will be 1 diver's first time since certification, so nothing too deep I suppose. Coral and sharks are top priorities. Thoughts??
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    Does anyone have a Florida caught lionfish? + aquarists and the lionfish invasion

    A lot of Florida livestock collectors include lions on their availability lists now. Personally, I only purchase FL sourced volitans for my shop. Not only does that help reduce invasive species (albeit in a tiny, tiny, tiny way), but the quality and health of FL volitans seems to be much higher...
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    Wrasse ID?

    I've had a couple over the years. In my experience they seem to prefer LPS over anything else. Galaxea is a big hit, as are any mussids, Euphyllia, and Cyphastrea. Soft coral seems to be pretty safe.
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    Dive sites in Puerto Rico

    Theres some nice diving off of Culebra. You can take a short flight there from San Juan (like, 15 minutes) or you can drive about 40 minutes east of San Juan to the town of Fajardo and take a ferry over to Culebra. The island has great snorkeling and quite a few dive sites around it and the...
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    What kind of coral is this?

    Erythropodium maybe? A little hard to see.
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    Looking for Dragon's Breath Macro

    Pfft. Who wants dragon's breath? Lame.
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    Need help with Wrasse ID

    Its kind of hard for me to make out on my crappy screen, but it looks a bit like a juvenile/female Cirrhilabrus punctatus.
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    ID this fish

    It looks like a juvenile Tripletail. Where did you even get one?? Treat it like a large grouper. In the wild they can grow to over 2.5 feet and are quite beefy- 30 to 40 pounds. Likely to eat everything in their path.
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    Beware When Shopping For Barlett's Anthias

    As someone who has worked at and managed various LFS for the last 16 years, I find that attitude quite offensive. If you are employed at the store it is your responsibility to know what you're selling. Yes, customers need to be informed, but part of that education comes from talking to...
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    Ostreobium outbreak

    Odds are the tank is producing excess PO4 and NO3, but the algae is filtering it out of the water for you. If the nutrients weren't there, the algae wouldn't be able to grow. I would suggest doing a deep clean on the tank, especially since it hasn't had much maintenance done for the last 4 or...
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    Coral ID please

    Not a flower pot. That is a Turbinaria. Much easier to keep than the coral it was sold to you as, so that's good news.
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    Harpacticoid copepod

    Beautiful shots! I'm a little jealous of your toys.
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    What kind of Wrasse is this?

    Looks like a variety of Pyle's Fairy Wrasse (referred to as a Sunset Fairy sometimes). Easy enough fish to keep, though they can get pretty aggressive with other wrasses. I've found females to be significantly more aggressive than males.
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    ID on these fish?

    2nd looks like a female or immature Red Margin Fairy Wrasse to me perhaps.