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    easy to use generator for fish tank??

    Honda EU2000i. $999 If you have a camper or travel trailer, get the "companion" model which has a 30 amp plug as well. $1149 *disclosure: I am sales/finance at a powersports dealer :)
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    Stupid fire shrimp

    I'll always have one but it's a love/hate relationship with those fire shrimp for sure... they have a wonderful excess of personality!
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    Recommendation for sand bed cleaner (fish)?

    Sleeper banded goby?
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    Sand Size Selection

    I also like the special grade, but with just a tiny bit of crushed coral mixed in to break up the uniformity.
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    Couldn't have worked out any better

    They won't really settle in one particular place. The shrimp will constantly be moving around and burrowing in different spots... The goby just follows and hangs out at whichever hole the shrimp happens to be in. When I set up my aquascape I knew I wanted a goby and tiger pistol, so I...
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    goniopora/flower pot coral care tips

    My clowns loved snuggling in my flowerpot. Only had this tank for a year but the coral showed no ill effects during that time.
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    What are your thoughts on the Condy anemone?

    I had one in a previous tank. It moved around a lot for several months before finally settling into a spot in the rocks facing the side of the tank. My clowns took no interest... they made their home in a flowerpot coral. I was totally new to saltwater and didn't really know what I was doing...
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    2 month old tank - please help identify

    Diatoms. Normal in a new tank, should pass if water quality is kept up. Expect a bit of green hair algae soon.
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    feeding a starry blenny

    My starry is the same as most others have said... picks at algae on the rocks all day just like a typical lawnmower blenny, but also goes nuts when I feed the other fish and eats mysis, flake, etc.
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    Salt mixing question

    If everything is dry go ahead and mix in the tank. Have powerheads going to keep it stirred up. Just make sure salinity and temp are good before the live rock goes in.
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    LEd bulb for macroalgae

    Local fish store. I'm using the 2nd amazon bulb from above. Pink light shines through the cracks in the stand but it seems to work well for the algae.
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    New to sumps...evap rate normal?

    Sounds normal. My 150 has a glass top over 99% of the surface but i still lose a gallon per day from evap because we have a dehumidifier built into the house and the air is always dry.
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    Snail ID pretty please?

    I hear ya Newt :)
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    Which tank should i get?

    Get the 220 because that's the one you say you want. You'll regret it if you settle for less. The cost of rock is stopping you but you can get mostly dry rock and seed with a bit of live, or get half now to get the tank started and add more later. Who knows, you might like the minimalist look.
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    Help me ID these crab

    As flyer mentioned above, you probably have a lot of gorilla crabs that came with the Florida rock. If you see any light colored hairy crabs with black tips on their claws, get them out.