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    Getting out of hobby! Any interest?

    I may be interested in some livestock. I'm pretty happy with my setup so not really looking for a lot in the way of equipment. But I'll take a look through the full list when you post it.
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    Just some random tank shots.

    Some of those look familiar. Looks really nice.
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    Local Retailer for Zoo Med Lowboy

    Tye Dyed Iguana ordered one for me a while back. They sometimes have them on hand as well.
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    Illinois side fish stores? formerly Lualyn Aquatic Gems, formerly Aquatic Treasures (maybe that was the name) is open. Think they were still getting set up last time I was in so there wasn't a lot in stock.
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    Looking for soft and lps coral

    Depending on what kind of space you have available I have been meaning to post a thread about some extras so I can take down my third tank, a 20 gallon long with stuff that didn't fit in my other two. There's 3 rocks with GSP. There are two different types, one type on the bigger rock on the...
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    Anybody local breed Banggai?

    Just thought I'd ask. I thought about trying to get a pair for my frag tank and thought I'd see if anybody locally produced them.
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    Getting out of hobby sale

    Ditto on the part out. I'd be interested in the tangs (purple primarily), flame angel, and cleaner shrimp
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    Local source for copepods

    Aqua Edibles ( is local but they don't sell directly they stock pods/phyto to several of the local shops.
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    215 gallon reef tank FOR SALE

    What type of mandarin is it? I might be interested in some of the following: Mandarin goby Yellow tang Scopus tang Maybe some coral other than gsp. But I don't need rock and have clowns and a melanarus already as well 2 types of gsp in one of the tanks. Probably don't have the space to keep...
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    LF: Acros in the Metro East

    Depending on what you're looking for I might have a few. I'm in Glen Carbon. I don't really frag stuff at this point but my fish do their fair share of it for me. I have frags of the following: PC Rainbow, Fox Flame, WD, a Stag from Battlecorals, a couple I'm not honestly sure which piece they...
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    Return pump recommendation

    I'm happy with my VarioS. I have one running my return and a small one running my algae scrubber. Comes with float switch to turn it off if water level drops.
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    Micro brittle stars and maybe some fish

    I can definitely spare more. Just drop me a PM, this weekend I left some on the porch to be picked up.