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  • "I have a 5 lb alum tank in SJ. It may be expired but there's a place in Monterey Rd that will recertify for $30 and refill for $15."
    How much are you selling it for? Thanks texting me.
    Dennis 415.806.6361
    Any chance you have or will frag your Bright Green Palau Nephtea? If so, I am interested in purchasing one from you.

    Was wondering if the ATB skimmer is still for sale. If it is you can reach me at 408 439 1091(Tien) and i'll buy it off of you. Thank you in advance.
    Hi, a friend from Bay Area Reefers suggested that you gave him some good & hardy BTA. Wanted to check if you have any available?

    Is it just RBTA or you have other BTAs too?

    are you still fragging the Bright Green Palau Nephtea? I have been looking for a bright green but I only have 1 LFS and they want $50 to order it! How much would you charge me total to get it to South Portland Maine 04106?? thanks!
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