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    Rebuild and recovery of a dead tank

    Hey man, also from IA. Just saying hi.
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    Twoface's 75 gallon mixed reef

    Ha! That's an odd duo. Though their colors would compliment. I think that's pretty cool. I have always wanted a fire clown, but have stayed away from them because of their aggression. Now I have a pair of lightning maroons... Going to be just as bad, maybe worse lol
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    Help me raise my PH

    This is common in winter as our houses are shut up tight and CO2 is higher. Do you run a skimmer? Have you tried opening a window for a while for some fresh air?
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    Twoface's 75 gallon mixed reef

    Pretty nice. I love the fire clown; not many people have them.
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    fsureefer88's 65 mixed reef

    Nice pics! What are you taking them with? I was considering a filefish, but I too have a decent Duncan.. Wonder if that's a good idea after all. I know it can be fish specific, but the wife was frowning when I was showing her pics of filefish, so that probably helps remove that one from the...
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    fsureefer88's 65 mixed reef

    Your tank is looking good too! Thought I typed that above..
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    fsureefer88's 65 mixed reef

    Haha! Someone I know! How's it going bud? C'est la vie? ;) Finally a thread over here I can follow and squat in. And hey Brandon!
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    Please help me color up my SPS corals, pictures attached

    I have a similar setup as you, same size tank, similar sump, etc. You have more fish than I do and I feed three times as much as you do. I agree that feeding more would be helpful. In my experience, the more I feed my tank the happier it is. Just don't over do it. Increase food slowly and...
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    Reef Octopus 90 degree output

    I made my own a long time ago with a regular schedule 40 PVC elbow. The size needed for what is in your pic isn't common in hardware stores, at least not around here. I just grabbed a cheap elbow and tack glued it on with super glue.
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    Aiptasia Eating Peppermint Shrimp

    They did the trick for my tank long ago. I had hundreds and hundreds of the darned things. I got 5 shrimp and in under 3 weeks not a one was left. No joke. It was amazing.
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    Please help, LPS dying slowly

    Same here. I don't like the "dirty tank" saying either. I don't keep a dirty tank, but I keep a well fed tank. I've gone periods where I don't change my maintenance schedule but back off of feedings and I can tell it when looking at my corals. I'm not saying instantly double feedings, but...
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    Please help, LPS dying slowly

    How much do you feed the tank? I grow lots of LPS. In my experience, the more I feed the happier they are. Your Nitrate and Phosphate being 0 and the lack of algae in your tank kind of suggests you need to feed more. You have a tang and a foxface, a little algae growing here and there...
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    Wooo Bubble Algae (Not!)

    Manually remove it. I've had bubble algae, well.. still do, but there is none in my display. My foxface makes sure of that. I get it occasionally in my overflow box. You could try to continue to starve it by uber cleaning your tank and restricting feedings, but your corals and inverts...
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    Wilted Kenya Tree

    I used to have a bunch of them.. Killed them all off by keeping my tank squeaky clean for a few months. I didn't really mean to at the time, but I didn't regret losing them either..