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  • I will remember that, don't want to get anyone in trouble. I will hopefully see you tomorrow with the pump.
    Thanks John -
    Hey John,

    It's pesky me again, I came down this morning to find the pump for the skimmer not working again, I just took it out and but this time it seems to not be getting any power at all, last time I could hear the pump on but this time nothing. Are you in all day tomorrow? I am going to try and take a long lunch so I can bring it over for you to look at. If we can't is this something that may still be under warrenty thru Tunze?
    I tried to send this under a private message but it said I could not?

    Hi John,
    I need help with my i-tech, I unplugged everything the other day to change out my socks and when I plugged it back in it is really loud. I have only had it running since the middle of Sept so I don't thin it could be dirty yet but I am not sure. Help please :)
    Just posted it. Thanks for the update!! I'll be in tomorrow or Saturday to see you :)

    Thanks, Aaron
    Hey John Marry Christmas to you and you'r Family. Happy New year as well... The Vortech MP10 Pump Rocks :) I'll take Another ! Ya ok I'm dreaming LOL!
    Ya know what I was an impatiant dillweed brain for buying this fish elswhere.....God !!!! Its killed more that I bought it for!!!! [profanity]! I cant catch the thing and if I do would you takr it Pleas if Not I'll Flush the [profanity]!
    Hey thanks John ....NO Goby thats too bad. One time offer Buy 1 false Citron Goby and get 3 to 4 Dead SPS corals within the week :) I think its a great deal. Man This Sucks.
    Looks like an encrusting variant of Fire Coral, Milleporidae.

    No thanks. You can keep the coral eating goby. :p
    Hey John I know I havent been to your Store I a Long Time :) I was wondering if you could Help me ID this Coral I'v had for a long time....?????? Pleeeeeeeas????!!!!!
    hey john its chris in naples,im trying to buy mflambs stuff he has for sale anyway was wondering if u had his # thanks

    Good evening! I havent bothered you in a few days so I figured I would check in!!

    I DO NOT know what is going on! My hammers, Ricordeas seem disgruntled and Duncans still havent come out!

    Torches, fish, elegance and SPS all seem fine. I have been changing socks everyday. Did a water change yesterday changed PhosBan media as well.

    Test results from today are:
    SG - 1.023
    PH - 8.0
    Alk - 3.3
    PO4 - 0
    NO3 - 1?? (Using Elos test kit it just shows 0,1,25,50...). Mine read 1, so I'm not sure what that means.

    Any ideas? I know its hard but I am frustrated\worried cuz I dont want to lose anything.

    Hey John dod happen to know Marks Cell ### I need to remind him to bring me a water Barel tomarrow :)
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