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  • Eric, I thought I would check with you before I place an order. Are you going to be fragging your Pearlberry anytime soon. I found a source online for one, but I know you frag yours periodically. If your willing to sell me a piece let me know. I have some money burning a hole in my pocket. Thanks, Todd
    Hey Icy how ya doin? I was wondering if i could talk you out of some Chaeto. Im going to the show sunday with my dad and brother and I am going to purchase some pods and start a seperate refuge for them. I have a manderin and I wanted to get a fuge going.Are u planning on attending the show? if you are I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
    Hello Eric,

    I'd like to renew my membership...yeah, I know, where the heck have "I" been.....still have a few sw tanks, nothing exciting...but I do like to keep my membership up. Who do I send a check to ?
    Sorry, that would have been the poker star monti and the highlighter I was interested in
    Hi, if today still works for you for me to pick up the coral let me know. I will need your address. Thanks, Todd
    Hi, if today still works for you for me to pick up the coral let me know. I will need your address. Thanks, Todd
    Hi I was up last night with my son and got a couple of corals from you. When the light came on today they look great. Thank again.
    r you the man who everyone said had great frags for sale? you r close to me ind im recovering from a tank crash. wondering if you had some:)
    can you send me a pic of the elmers stufff. Looked at OSJL in danieslson yesterday and could not find. thanks
    All in all the bio pellets only save you space. A nice fuge would take up a little bit of room in your sump where as the biopellet reactor very little. With a fuge you don't need a crazy big skimmer. With biopellets I just bought a bubble magus na7. A bit overkill on the 60 cube I'm getting ready to move into, but I feel it will be needed.
    I tried the rice for three or four weeks. At the end the only thing I could conclude was, at best, rice did not yield consistent results. So after the rice I started vodka, then a VSV mix. This past December I started using biopellets. While dosing the vodka a bit of cyano started to accumulate in my tank but it yielded great ULNS results. To help cut down the cyano I switched to a VSV mix and had pretty good results w that also. With VSV the cyano wasn't as bad but still present. Then in Dec I switched to brs bio pellets. Although I cannot detect any PO4 or NO2 on my elos test kits I have a couple tuffts of algea on my overflow. Also colors in my sps corals are not what they were with VSV. With vodka my lps did not fair well. I lost a few nice pieces such as my three color scoly (purple red green), a Miami Hurricane chalice, and a few acans. On the upside with bio pellets my lps look great.

    Miami#2 lol
    Do you still run the rice reactor? I'm looking into bio pellets and see that rice reactor maybe a pretty good option. I was not having good luck with corals but finally got my order in good condition. Just would like my nitrate lower. Any help would be appreciated thank you
    Hey, I met you last night at the meeting, (Superman shirt, Newest if the noobs there) bought a small frag. I forgot the name already. I am going to try to keep track of the ones I got last night.
    I looks fantastic in my led moon light. thanks a again.
    Pat G
    It took less than 24 hours to totally bleach out. No others were effected?

    Beats me, as to what happened.

    Purple monster doa'd not quite sure what happened, it started growing fine, just came down in the morning and it went totally bleached out.

    Drop me an email so that I can send you a photo so you can see what I mean.

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