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  • Hello, I am working in Oswego today and tomorrow until 4. Would I be able to swing but for some Gsp? Thanks!
    Hello. I'm interested in the yellow tang, coral beauty, coral banded shrimp, and the zoa's. I have a hydor smart wave and two koralia nano 425's that are brand new in the box they came in from premium aquatics ($109.00). Would you trade for this? If not I have the cash. Thanks.

    I live about a half hour away in clyde and can come get the stuff on monday after work..
    I actually build custom sumps I could build any size you want I usally chrage around 150 or willing to trade for number is 607 731 8730 if you shoot me a text I can send you pics of some that ive built
    Sorry I forgot to write back I have g2 already and I haven't really had the time to drive that far I'm looking for a sump though if you have a nice one I'd be willing to meet halfway. Let me know what you have and we can work something out I'm open to any trades for anything that has to do with reefs
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